Help regarding upgrade to omega

hello everyone…
so my situation is like this: my eve online email has 2 accounts attached to it, one i created it which i want to upgrade to omega through steam wallet, the other was created automatically i assume by steam (Steam::random number), so my question will both accounts be upgraded or not and how will I make sure my primary account gets the upgrade?

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What you have to remember is that STEAM is a 3rd party Company, and every request STEAM makes to the EVE Server/Services takes a little longer to be handled.

So your question is, “Do both your STEAM EVE account and your regular EVE account get Omega status if you pay for one of them?” Only if they are one in the same. If I understand you right, the accounts are two different ones, and in that case then, No they do not.

If you want to upgrade your account to Omega, I would suggest you do it via the EVE official website. Even if your account got created by STEAM it should be possible to use the same Login, not your STEAM login, (I think, never played EVE through STEAM) to log into the game using CCP’s EVE Launcher.

Login to the EVE Account Management website and upgrade there, if it is at all possible for you which it should.


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