Purchase not received, 5 days ticket not answered

Hello, i made my first purchase for 3 month omega, directly on steam, 5 days ago but i still didn’t received it, i also had send a ticket 2 hours after buying it but I still have not got an answer, is it normal that it’s that long?

No they are normally quick with account issues. If valid.

The problem with using steam (which I have not had) is that if you do something on the steam side CCP cannot help you there until you are in game. I know I did do stuff via steam in the last 5 days and it worked fine.

I am also assuming that you are logging into EVE using your steam account details via the Steam icon in the EVE launcher. There has been people in the past that would buy stuff via steam and then throw a tantrum when they log into their normal eve account only find nothing.


I also send them the receipt to make them able to link my character with the purchase,
as you advised me I will also send a message to steam, thank you for your answers.

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Let’s start with the basics: Did you make your account through steam?

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Steam purchases only work for accounts created through steam.

If you have a separate account, and somehow expected your separate, main account which isnt connected in any way to your steam account, to be upgraded, then no, it wont.

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