Steam is hurting Eve's image and sales


CCP isn’t going to ask the CSM to look at this. maybe 1% of eve players if that plays on steam. but what the hell @Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

(sigh) The point is to have the CSM bring it up to CCP. Obviously not the other way around.

And even I don’t play EVE on Steam. Steam is just how I plexed my account.

And if so few people play EVE on Steam that is just proving my point. Steam is only going to get bigger and so will its effect on EVE, whether positive or negative.

ok wait, you don’t play EVE on steam? was it a Steam account that signed into EVE, or an actual EVE online account?

To buy plex I would sign in on both Steam and EVE with the Steam account. I would buy the plex and it would go to my Steam Eve account/character. Then the steam account character would transfer the plex to my non-steam account character and then I would trade the plex for omega time.

In short, I would buy/obtain plex through Steam. Then I would transfer the plex to get my omega time.

And please don’t pester me about other options. I been through that. I had no other options so I did it this way. I will not try other options until my lost plex is returned. Just leave that be. Its outside the scope of the thread.

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That was going to be what I suggested was to actually make the steam account under the actual EVE online client.

Try submitting a ticket to CCP…

and this is similar that happened just this year

read this from 3 years ago

Please try and stay on topic. I am not asking for help or advice with my own problems, nor criticism of my life or choices. I am pointing out how Steam is making trouble for CCP and would like more examples if any of them doing that and solutions for CCP to correct this. Yes, mostly likely as useful as screaming at the ocean but you never know. Money talks as they say.

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Then go post it on the Steam forums, not here?

Who do you think Steam is going to listen to? A company called CCP Games owned by Pearl Abyss Corp. or me, some angry guy in Japan whose cash they took and don’t want to refund? Jesus dude, are you a troll?

FYI I am working both sides of this this time. ATM I am awaiting customer support from both sides and taking this more seriously than I did the first time this happened.

I dont get your point.
If you wanna start Eve, you see it on steam, install it, get an account and everything you buy lands on this new account, right?

If you already have an Eve account, you can just install Eve, like you did before and buy PLEX/Omega from CCP, like you did before?

I will bring it up, but this sounds like a one off thing.


Thank you Brisc, but I don’t understand what you mean by “one off thing”. This is an “every single day” thing. Every single day Steam is selling or providing EVE content in a confusing and often non-functional way. If the number of players using Steam for EVE is low, these various problems may be the core reason why.

As much as I appreciate your offer to bring it up, and as much as I simply appreciate YOU Brisc Rubal for being what most of us think a CSM member is SUPPOSED to be, I don’t want you to bring it up unless you feel it is truly worthy of bringing up. I feel that perhaps you do not. And I feel that may be because I have not done a good enough job of clarifying the issues on Steam.

If you did just bring up one point however, it could be that the account and billing FAQ I mentioned does need an update to include the things I mentioned, particularly the point that PLEX can now be bought from CCP’s site using Steam funds. That is the real game changer I believe.

When I say it’s a one off thing, I mean that it looks like you had this issue - buying plex via steam and not having it show up. I know that others haven’t had this problem, both because if they have we’d have heard more about it more often, and second because I know that I’ve bought plex via steam (I have one steam account that I set up ages ago) and it’s shown up.

I have no problems raising your concerns with the marketing folks and letting them know that this is an issue - whether they do anything, I can’t promise, but I can at least make sure somebody looks at it.

Above, there are two separate links to two other people having this problem. For me I had it, stopped having it, and suddenly have it again.

And there are more people complaining about this over on Steam since its Steam where they made the purchase and its Steam they expect to do something about it for the simple reason its Steam they gave money to on the Steam client out of the Steam store with a game they (perceive to have) downloaded from Steam. Plus, imagine you are just starting out, maybe had kicked around with alpha, never got on the forum yet, but you wanted that Plex and Omega and it didn’t come. How many just gave up on EVE right there and then and just walk away?

I just got a response from Steam incidentally. They told me their records show a successful purchase (yeah, so do MY Steam records duh) and told me to contact CCP and send them a copy of that exchange. However, I already sent Steam a copy of my CCP transaction history showing the purchase was not successful (cause its not in my history). Which indicates to me that CCP is likely to look at their records and see no purchase too, cause if they did, it would most likely be in my transactions too, wouldn’t it?

If you ask me, Steam has already failed. Why is it my job to contact CCP support and send Steam anything further? They already got some solid evidence that CCP has no record, and they should already be on the phone to their client CCP telling them a paying customer did not get the goods Steam ordered for me, the paying customer.

But I will do as they say for now, given that tiny chance CCP’s records and my EVE account records conflict, and am holding back a nasty reply as to whose responsibility this is and who needs to be acting on it pronto, and that’s Steam support.

But you know what? Even if we all agree its Steam failing to do its support job properly its still hurting EVE more than Steam. I can’t quit Steam. I have too many games through them with no problems. But I will quit EVE once my Omega runs out unless its restored with no further money out of my pocket.

I passed on these concerns, and I expect there will be some clarifications based on your feedback. They did say was that what tends to happen is Steam makes you create a new account, and once you’ve created an alpha character on the new account, you can login and the plex is all there, then you can just contract it over to your main account with no issues.

I would also put a support ticket in with CCP as well, as they appear to be aware of what’s going on.


My personal issue has been resolved by CCP who put the plex into my account. I was informed there was an internal error between Steam and CCP.

The general issue remains at large as far as I know however. Hopefully all this will help get things straightened out.

Thank you Brisc Rubal for your attention, action and time.

Tell Brisc to get rid of the red dots. He might listen to you.

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I’m working on it!

Only people in war-dec eligible corps should be able to toggle-off the red dot.


EVE is hurting EVEs sales
GM told me to post this
Since CCP is cheating at their own game can we have Cryo-Stasis Mode to suspend Omega time
Added to the Eve Portal. Add an option to suspend Omega then you can break eve all you want. Eve would have a lot less negative impact on my personal life.
6 days 14 days 30 days 90 days and 365 days. The feature could have a message feedback to let players that message me see when i plan to return.
I could use this for vacation work sickness family emergency / protest broken game features or updates that affected my content greatly. to wait for incomplete content to finish or get fixed. PC issues info structure collapse.

Many things about paying for omega time give me anxiety. paying for more than 30 days at a time is hard when i don’t know what I’m doing for the next 6 months let alone when i have no idea what you could pull in the next 6 weeks.
I just think its good on many levels and with Covid cases spiking and what is being effected. Cryo-stasis could offer players real flexibility in unprecedented times.
I no longer desire to pay to test a grief platform. Cryo stasus my account and put me on approach to Caroline Star. Ill be back if you Finish breaking eve and start Fixing it.

then they blocked it and i am not the only person they are doing this to CCP is Stupid