[RESOLVED] 20240111 - Paypal temporarily disabled in the EVE store

UPDATE: Service was reliable all weekend so we’ll call this case closed!

UPDATE: Paypal payments have been re-enabled and we are monitoring it to ensure it’s working properly.

Due to a technical issue downstream from CCP, we have had to temporarily disable Paypal as a payment option in the EVE Online store (https://secure.eveonline.com). We will re-enable the option as soon as the issue is resolved by our partners.


Honestly Guv, I paid for that pack :wink:

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For cryin out loud. What else you gonna break next, the Internet?


Hope you will extend the packs special time too.

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Can you tell us about the approximate time when PayPal will be launched again?

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Paypal is crap and expensive.

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Payment with the credit card worked here also :slight_smile:
But I prefer PayPal for not to enter credit card details all over the internet


That’s wild… I think I might have gotten caught up in whatever the problem is here… I bought an SP pack using PayPal and the verification process froze right before the receipt screen… I started a ticket (and accidentally started another one) and listed all of the information but I haven’t heard anything back in like 2+ days now…

Can it be fixed before the offer expires?

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They need to extend the offe period.

Or, CCP doesn’t mind losing sales. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have also read by using a middle party like PP it’s harder for your CC to be stolen/hacked.

I had my card stolen/hacked a few years ago doing some Black Friday/Cyber Monday online buying and it took months to straighten out! :dizzy_face:

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Watch out for PayPal hacks.

Is Chime and Cash App able to be used to pay for Eve Online or PLEX?

Any update?

Doubt they gonna have an update. If their partners are us based, look at after tuesday for an update

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Easy to miss.


Thanks, next time I’ll remember to do an update post in the thread as well.


in my case its stll not working

I used it the other day to get a pack (just before the expiration) and it worked fine for me.

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