Payment issue

Good day, I come to the forums in dire need of assistance.
I woke yesterday to an email that one of my eve accounts failed it’s autopay. The same autopay that I’ve been using for a year. The card is still valid and I did call my bank, that’s not the issue.
Upon contacting support I get a mail telling me it’s the bank, it’s not. Card works fine. I attempted to login to my account and got this error.

see attachment . I was asked to try incognito mode, I did, no change. In fact, I tried 3 different browsers all in normal mode and safe mode. I’ve tried my phone, laptop and 2 computers, same result. Now, CCP isn’t responding to me. I have 3 accounts, I bought plex just a few days ago, it’s a website issue I think.
Very odd, very frustrating.

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Have same problem.

Still no response from ccp?

I ahd this happen a while back. Card would not work on one account but would on my others. I did the remove card thing a couple times for several days and it finally went through.

Ive had saved card infor be declined several times by another game but if I manually entered it it would work. Now for any game I manually enter it each time.

I can’t even access window with cards. Error befor it. When i push “buy” there must be a window with card select or add card. But i have this error instead of this :frowning:

I have to throw my gloves into the ring for this one, the same thing is happening to me across all of my existing accounts. To get through my sub recycle period, I had to make a brand new account just to purchase enough PLEX for them all. My existing accounts couldn’t access the payment method page, no matter which route I used to get to it. The fresh account has no issues.

A GM said it’s a known issue. They said it would get fixed today. It didn’t.

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