Anyone else's Mastercard rejected only for subscription?

I’ve been having this issue for several months now. I can purchase anything in the store using either my debit Mastercard or my other CC Mastercardexcept a recurring subscription for EVE. After some back and forth with a few different service reps I’ve learned that the issue is with the payment processing company (Ingenico?). Also, that CCP is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Either on their end or working with the service provider. Previously I would submit a ticket and buy PLEX for a GM to convert into game time for me. During that time I would snag a cheap starter pack or the “weekend fleet pack”. Which is no longer available in the webstore.

Anyone else run into this issue?

Before anyone asks, I’ve checked with the debit card issue and my CC issuer and there are ZERO restrictions on my cards ability to make international purchases.

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I generally avoid using Paypal. I would like to continue doing so. Besides that, a company as large as CCP should be able to manage something like payment processing without issues like this.

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You mean the company that will freeze your funds at the drop of a hat?

People still risk using them?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I had something similar two years ago with a mastercard debit card. No issues with the card itself, the bank, or atos worldline (company that monitors transactions and gives approval). The latter informed me the issue was with ccp’s payment service itself, as it did not ask for verification, which is mandatory for EU users.
It ended up too with me buying plex, and a GM converting it to game time (also took 2 weeks to get resolved counting from my initial ticket).
The next year (2023) it worked fine.

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Use third party approved resellers.

Since CCP is in a foreign country it does trigger red flags.

3rd Party Retailers | EVE Online

MarkeeDragon is what I used. So I am indeed biased towards them. They are based in the US and it worked well with Discover (a US only card).

I have seen the HORROR stories of people and the CCP online store. So many people complaining about not getting their stuff, etc.

I know with MarkeeDragon they use codes to give you your stuff so you don’t have to wait for CCP to drop it in your account.

Food for thought. Wonder how good Amazon is here also :thinking:

But again. The use of email delivered codes makes the process of spending your hard earned $$$ and converting that into pixel $$$ so much easier.

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