EVE Online Markee Dragon Store Question

Hello EVE forums!

I was looking at the EVE store and was disappointed I didn’t have an acceptable credit card to put in for CCP (since they are international). So, I was looking at the Markee Dragon store however I am worried about security as they don’t require you to create an account with them in order to buy their stuff.

If anyone has used Markee Dragon before I would love to hear thoughts on the store as I don’t plan on getting a different card anytime soon.

Markee Dragon Game Codes - Eve Online Link I currently have through CCP’s website.

I also hope if I do get this code through some sort of email I provide (don’t see it at all when adding a package to the cart) that it doesn’t go to spam. :sweat_smile: Doing my research before I go ahead and drop some money on omega time.


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I am sure I paid through Paypal when I had purchased some pack on [Markee Dragon]

Yah credit card is my current option. I do see Paypal on there also.

How did you get your code? Email and then some link to redeem it to your account?

It was so long ago I think you could email him or contact him ingame?

The pack I purchased was just so long ago I don’t recall other than remember it worked for a new Pilot I once made.

//@Anthony_FatTony_Amico Reading the pack I had once purchased reads in red writting
Direct Email Delivery!

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MD has been around for ages and he’s been an official 3rd party for EVE for eons. He’s an idiot though and he’s done some “questionable stuff” in the past but none of that had to do with his online shop as such.

He’s legit.


I got a video of him warping in a corax upon like 4 titans. He turns into a girl for a few minutes trying to escape lol


I guess I don’t need an account to purchase this stuff?

EDIT: Silly question in the end. Looks like I will make a customer profile and buy a pack.


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Yah I am way too young in EVE to really care who he is. I am just happy he takes my US credit card. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the Input everyone! I feel confident in the security of this third-party store.

Fly Safe o7


Yep, no issues across many years of occasional orders


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