Give Cart functionality!

Currently, for every item you want to buy via, you need to start a separate transaction. If you need x amount of y you need a ton of transactions. Eventually CCP or your payment provider holds/blocks the transaction. Giving me a headache I don’t need and CCP is missing revenue.

This is why I normally get my EVE codes from an authorized reseller (Markee Dragon Store), I put a bunch of stuff in my cart and only pay once. Currently CCP doesn’t offer Cart functionality, so after 10 transactions, my eleventh transaction is now in a ‘PaymentPending’ for over an hour. I would have gone for the same authorized reseller, but CCP does not offer all their products via their authorized resellers…

So… CCP please make a Cart in you store, this is 2022! And if that is not a possibility, offer all your products via authorized reseller (including the promotional pricing)…

This would be really nice.
I would prefer to have all my accounts renew together, but every time i do it that way its a locked card and time on the phone with fraud prevention.

Haven’t encountered this myself as all I tend to do is buy Omega for a single account, but I can definitely sympathize with players encountering this.

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