Multi-Account Benefits?

So I got an email today telling me there are benefits to putting all my accounts under the same email. This seems fine but it left out one important bit of information. What the bloody ding ding are the benefits to doing this?

details to come june 1st.

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Wait for Fanfest 2023


Oh ok. So another “wait 'til fanfest” kind of thing eh? Why do CCP like doing that so much? :smiley: It’s damn annoying!

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Its easier when all are under one account and synced. Say for instance the end of year numbers, they can see accounts linked to one email and put numbers for you and all your alts etc.

Plus when emailing them, they require it from the email associated to the account

No I meant the benefits from CCP as the email explains without actually explaining.

All my accounts are under the same e-mail so I don’t have to do anything.

You can win EVE simpler and easier when they ban all your accounts at once for breaking the EULA. :upside_down_face:


All my alts have their own accounts and unique emails.

Yet last year, CCP was able to somehow link them together for that year-in-review video they made for us.

So somehow they can link them already. :thinking:

They fingerprint every login, see my post on this here A History of EVE Database Server Hardware - #82 by Emotional_Support_Clown. That’s how they know.


Good info. Although they may want to tweak it a bit. My Year In Review said I had been podded 8 times… I had not. :rofl:

I am genuinely hoping for 3 main benefits:

  • a consolidation of daily login reward claiming and redeeming, so that it’s no longer necessary to go through every account manually
  • being able to make purchases for multiple accounts with one transaction (e.g. buy a one-month sub for multiple accounts at the same time)
  • being able to log into multiple characters from one account at the same time
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This would break the game entirely. The whole point of being able to log into one character per account at a time is so that you have to strategize years in advance which characters you intend to use at once, and if you need to change it then you have to pay a fee to transfer the character to a new account.


i find it amusing that he was hoping for an actual explanation. CCP is notorious for not prividing details around any subject.

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What if I have two accounts, both already have three characters each, and I want to swap places with two of them?

You can do that, but you will need a third account to shift them around.

It gets expensive, so plan ahead. HTFU and stop crying.

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Timmy and Lassie are both on the same account, and if Timmy gets stuck on the undock, Lassie will never be able to help because they occupy the same location in the EVE account metaphysical time-space continuum. :worried:


Damn you Timmy… DAMN YOU! NOOOOOOO

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Which is why I have a combat toon in all my acct’s. :wink:

I would think IP addresses might be in there somewhere.