Multiple accounts on same email

So I was trying to make a second account to try help my main with stuff and realized I can create multiple accounts with the same email.

  1. I want to know what are the cons and pros of using the same mail or a different?
  2. Is it allowed to use the recruit a friend links on my own accounts? Including the same email accounts?

Also I thought you needed two Omega accounts to launch at the same time. But I was able to launch two alpha accounts. Did CCP introduced this recently or am I doing something wrong? :neutral_face: Nvm I could not get past the character selection on both accounts.

Two Alphas at same time shouldn’t work (start is possible to claim rewards, login to New Eden not). Even if you somehow got it through, it’s bannable, so better file an “apology” ticket to prevent actions against you.


You can log in multiple alpha accounts at the same time up to the character selection screen. This makes it easy to check for log in rewards.

As far as I know, it’s still not allowed to then log in with an alpha character and another character.

Same email address has the benefit that you don’t have to remember new email addresses for every account. Reasons against? Not that I can think of.

And yes, you can recruit your own alts. At least, I did and never found rules saying otherwise.


@Gerard_Amatin @Tipa_Riot Ah ya, my bad only launch was possible could not login to both alts.

Possible to get all accounts banned if one was caught breaking rules? Theoretically speaking ofcourse :rofl:

I guess so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Gerard gave a pretty good answer, but I’d like to add one thing:

I had heard a while back that the way most accounts were hacked were through compromised email addresses, so I split my accounts off onto multiple emails. That way if one actually does get hacked, the damage will be limited to a handful of accounts. Of course, I suspect people’s emails are getting hacked in the first place is because they’re giving their email addresses to RMT’ers. So, it might all be a moot point. But, I guess it’s better safe than sorry.

… or register on corp websites with your EvE credentials. Never use your “real” stuff on any random people’s pages. Yes, player corp web sites or discord servers are as trustworthy as the links you get with your local spam mails.


Hey dude, I figured you’d be a good person to ask. How safe is it to login with Eve online through 3rd party websites?

I think I misunderstood Tipa. I think she was talking about using the same email address to create an account on a 3rd party site. Well, I’d still like to hear what you have to say anyway.

As long as the url on page where you’re entering your username and password is CCP’s site, you’re good.
If you want to be safer, log into Eve’s SSO from a ccp site first. Like . It’ll remember you, and you won’t need to enter your details again. Read the privileges it’s asking for, and if you’re comfortable with them, go for it.

If the url does not match, do not log in. (and you might want to send a mail to ) If you’re using a mobile app, and it doesn’t send you to your browser to log in, don’t use it (Eve Portal is a reasonable exception to this, as it’s from CCP. Nothing else is.)

(Eve’s SSO uses something called OAuth2. Similar to how Twitter and facebook do it. You get sent to the CCP site, log in, then get sent back to the original site with a long random token. That token can be used by the site to say “I have person X using me.”)


Yes, this was my point, using same email, or even same password.

If you plan to get into the meta game or “competitive eve” then you’ll want separate emails & vpn for each account.

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