Having more than 1 account

what happens if I register multiple accounts under the same email, but only play one of the account? is that against EVE’s rules? what happens if I change the email of my account?

edit: if the accounts are without omega

You can have as many accounts as you want even on the same e-mail address. As long as you don’t violate the rules of only having one alpha signed in OR omegas only then there will be no issue.

(Since years I have seven accounts all alpha from the same e-mail address, only sign in from one at any given time.)

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I thought as long as they were all Omega, they could all be logged in, regardless if it’s the same email? How I read your comment @Uriel_the_Flame, that’s not the case?

You can’t have more than one char on the same account logged in however.

okay thanks

Section 2 of the EULA is pretty straight forward

You can also search or browse the Help Center for specific information

For anything else you would do best to file a support ticket.
Be patient…

Didn’t state anything different. :thinking:

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The way I’m reading your comment, it suggests otherwise.
“Only having one alpha signed in or omegas only”.

Seems that could have been worded different to say alpha and omega cannot be signed in together, but you can have more than one omega signed in.

Alpha is specifically mentioned as one while omegas is in plural without a specific mention of one to make it clear what it literally states that one alpha vs (one or) several omegas. Really not seeing what your confusion is about.

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thanks guys I understand it now :slight_smile:

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