Unified accounts

How will uniting my accounts under same email effect my ability to log in on primary and alt simultaneously from thier separate steam accounts?

/edit, this is only in reference to doing such to log in with alpha and omega if that is what had been happening. Other than that then putting all your accounts within the same email just helps you keep track of them I guess.

You may establish more than one Account for each copy of the Software licensed. You are however not allowed to play EVE by using more than one Account at the same time, unless you pay a subscription fee for each of the Accounts you intend to use for that purpose.

/Please don’t take me as being a forum police but it is clearly shown in the community.eveonline com/support/policies/eve-eula-en/

Thanks but not really my question. Im not concerned about eula, i follow that. My question is whether setting all accounts on one email is gonna cause a glitch where i cant log in and use my omega accounts as i use steam to login from.

You dont log in with an email. You log in with a user id and a password. The fact they are under 1 email doesnt matter.

Also not really the question. I log in with steam. Each steam account has an email. This could cause problems so im hoping someone at ccp has thought about it before we combine accounts and then steam users cant login on our alts. With ccps track record this is a fair question

You can manage your eve account by signing in with Steam at the sign in page. You can change the email address associated with each of your accounts from there. You’ll still have to signin with Steam for each one but they can still be linked.

@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah
I don’t know who at CCP to at about this, but I remember reading a long time ago in a security dev blog that most accounts get hacked through a compromised email account. So, I intentionally put my accounts on different emails in order to not put all my eggs in one basket. Now, CCP is telling me to put all my accounts on one email? Why? Is this wise from a security perspective? And what do they get out of it? Why are they pushing players to put all accounts under one email address? And why can’t I get these unspecified multi-account benefits without throwing risk management out the window?

Also, I don’t know what they had in mind for multiaccount benefits, but as multiboxing scum, this is what I want:

  • The ability to share custom keybinds
  • The ability to share client settings (i.e. zoom direction, dynamic movement, graphics settings, duel requests, etcetera)
  • The ability to save custom graphics presets
  • The ability to save, share, and switch between hud layouts
  • The ability to use different overviews on different toons on the same account
  • Change it so that when I move the position of locked targets on one toon, it doesn’t move it for all toons on the account
  • The ability to change profiles without having to relog
  • A UI that isn’t a pain to use when running at 720p (i.e. the bottom of the floating skill window is below client window, so I can’t grab an edge in order to resize it, unremovable NES button on my Neocom, Skill Progress circle that takes up more room than the bar did, poorly layed out windows that display less information than they could, the ability to move ALL hud elements wherever I want, including the system info stuff in the top right corner)
  • More keyboard shortcuts (i.e. drone assist, loot wreck)
  • I imagine that many would be opposed to this one, but how about more audio alarms and cues (i.e. alarm when module is about to burn out, or a noise when a bastion mod is about to cycle [similar to how boosts make a subtle noise before they cycle])
  • I consider this one a low priority because there are workarounds, but how about the ability to easily place borderless window clients where I want without having to use a third party program.
  • The ability to split items in the redeem queue, or chose how many to redeem at a time (i.e. if I buy multiple MPTC’s, they all go into one stack, and Master of Arms Cerebra Accelerators go into stacks of 4.)

I haven’t asked for much in the way of multiboxer/multi-account stuff because I figured CCP had bigger fish to fry. But if you’re going to try to cater to people like me, maybe try giving us some of the things we’ve actually been asking for.

  • Speaking of which, I’ve heard industrialists ask for easier ways to share items between their accounts because some of them don’t keep all their toons in the same corp. Thus, they can’t use corp hangars to do it. So, I’d imagine they’d want something like an account wide hangar, or, probably even better, the ability to grant access to hangars with access list.
  • I’ve also heard people ask for the ability to pause training on other toons without logging in (i.e. when you go to start training on one toon and you don’t have MCT going, it will ask you if you want to pause training on the other toon, instead of making you log into the other toon and do it manually)

By the way, can anyone tell me who at CCP I should at with this sort of feedback?


CCP don’t even digitally sign (S/MIME for example) their own company emails, why would they care?

They also don’t allow encryption of your inbound account related emails either for your privacy. Why would they care?

They don’t even allow U2F keys, why would they care? If they cared, they would have internal account walls for you to U2F or TOTP authorize as auth barriers to protect you from ATO’s (account take overs), they don’t. They do SSO, across services, no internal manual auth check barriers / auth partitioning.

There is so many ways to protect against this but they don’t care.

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Well, you went over my head with that, but I do know that I want CCP to take all reasonable measures to protect my privacy and my accounts.

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Auth checks after account login are a way to protect from full jackpot ATO’s. You authorize actions or internal account detail partitions via U2F (or TOTP) re-auth checks (not the password), ensures it’s authorised doing such actions with your account after login.

If you think you can do better, feel free to send in a job application to CCP and maybe they will hire you? My guess is they can’t fulfill your security wishlist without raising prices.

It’s a leadership issue, I don’t see an opening there. Good luck having a non Icelander as a leader or exec role in CCP.

I think it’s a great time to remind everyone to have the 2FA authenticator on when signing onto EVE accounts. It’s done through Google’s app and surely, it’s safe… Generates a code for you to input every login. Makes me feel secure… Hopefully


The point of 2FA is not just to use it once at the SSO login. It is there to also mitigate against total ATO’s. That means time and action based re-auth barriers post-login. This also enables easy partitioning off visibility and modifiability of personal account data (preventing ATO and transferring ownership or assets of compromised account). Also periodic time based re-auth checks. Using 2FA for this is more seamless than asking for a static password, 2FA changes every re-auth, it’s a moving value and also more convenient for the user (in most cases).

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I like Hilmar, I think he’s a GREAT CEO and I’m his #1 CHEERLEADER FOREVER

I think it’s pretty clear that the only way they can implement something like subscription discounts for multi account holders if they know how many accounts folks have. They track these via email.

If you’ve got two factor authentication set up - not the email kind - that should solve the security concerns.

Hail our glorious CSM representatives, tirelessly working on our behalf, volunteering their time and effort to help CCP keep subscriptions CHEAP and AFFORDABLE.

Something’s rattling in the server. Possibly the knob fell off (the chair).


The way they use 2FA (not fully as it should be, it’s just at the login page and no internal rechecks or multiple auth keys), amongst their other lack of security policies, doesn’t prevent ATO’s. ATO’s can still happen with the way CCP is set up.

2FA auth spamming is a thing to get the legitimate 2FA bearer to click yes to shut up the spam. Yes, that method DOES work.

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How many people have had their EVE accounts hacked with non-email 2FA enabled?