Add Apple Pay/Google Pay as payment check out options

Dear CCP,

Having recently returned to the game, and finding myself in a good group of humans I have decided to stick around for awhile. Plus, you all have released some rather nice packs with game time and such of late, but they are on the rather large purchase size - but they have great value for what’s in them. My cards keep declining, and getting locked until I verify the purchase was coming from me, which is simply annoying and distracting me from playing EVE.

I believe, by adding these payment methods, not only would you increase the security for the end-user, you would simplify the purchasing ability to grab those sexy skins and massive Plex packages.

Thank you.

I’ve never been denied payment via PayPal. PayPal is easier than card for sure.

I have PayPal, but haven’t needed to use it in years. Mostly used it for paying my rent to my former landlord.
But, I really enjoy being able to check out using Apple Pay on sites - as it verifies and approves via my phone which is always near me. As far as I know, it doesn’t cost anything extra to use it, just the man hours to add it and maintain it, which they already pay for for the other options. Plus, there is one added benefit - I believe both Visa and Master card only charge 2% fees on the transaction vs the standard 3%.

Thats probably more logistics that CCP doesn’t want to deal with. Paypal goes straight to my phone as well when i make a purchase…

Apple Pay does take a cut, but it actually sounds quite reasonable. Don’t know how hard it is to implement though, or if there are any additional fees or problems due to the international payments.

Anyway, welcome to Eve.

The link in there doesn’t work. but Apple Pay does not take a cut from the merchant. If i remember right, they take their cut from the card issuer. If i remember right from reading about it before. the cut is like 10 cents to a $100s.

I don’t know where the payment method is processed, but Apple pay is accepted in more and more countries. And I’m not just for Apple Pay but also Google/Samsung as they behave in a similar way.

Sounds like you need a new CC more than anything.

My CCs are fine,

And the declining the first purchase attempt, until I verify, is what my bank/CC company should be doing - these transactions don’t take place in the US even if it is in USD.

Adding Apple Pay or other (what PayPal does) just adds that verification before it processes and this doesn’t decline.

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You said you CCs are being locked when you try and buy something with them?

I’m not sure you could describe any better an example of something NOT working as intended.

How is apple / google pay any more secure than a credit card transaction?

It isn’t so much as being locked - the transaction is being declined as it is an odd purchase or large amount.

Apple Pay requires authorization via TouchID or FaceID, this provides a secure method of saying, “yes, this is me trying to purchase this item”.

CCs as they are, are not secure - I know this because years back one of mine got used by someone in Miami Florida for a helicopter ride, Burger King and an attempted T-mobile Purchase. That CC was always on my person, the information was leaked because CC security is the USA is and was crap.

I don’t know how to make this any clearer -

Apple Pay, Google Pay etc (like PayPal) add an extra layer against the possibility of fraud for the consumer - which is always a great thing to have. It also protects businesses , because as of now (AFAIK) if a fraud transaction happens, that business does not get any money, they lose money. Brick and mortar stores are out product(s) and potential sells of product(s) and digital stores like EVE have to deal with the after effects of what that purchase can do with the economy.

Apple Pay does not cost the merchant a dime - the money Apple makes is from the card issuer (Visa, master card, etc) who doesn’t seem to have an issue paying 1 penny for every hundred dollars as, the service can save them millions in loses from fraud.

The IT department for the retail company I worked for didn’t want Apple Pay, because they thought it cost them - I had to literally show them the support articles about how it cost them nothing to use it, and they were already upgrading the terminals for chip readers and NFC.

And I know Visa started only charging 2% vs 3% per swipe if the consumer was paying with a secure payment method (Google/Apple Pay). That adds up to a lot of extra chow.

I assume your Google or Apple account is linked to your credit card?

I’m just trying to understand how you think adding more middle men will help any process ever?

This is a long standing problem with EVE. If you have a higher end credit card CCP trips the warnings because they don’t code the transcation properly.

It should be coded as an internet purchase but whatever they are doing comes up as a “local” purchase and the AI is smart enough to know you are not in Iceland.

After a few times with the same card you won’t get calls anymore.

As I have stated multiple times: Apple Pay and Google Pay etc add a level of authentication to the transaction.

Example: Crunchyroll’s online store offers Apple Pay as a method. When I buy stuff there and choose Apple Pay as payment option, as it processes the payment it pings my phone for confirmation, where I use ether FaceID or TouchID etc to authorize the purchase.

Personally I suggest you visit sites that support Apple Pay and/or Google etc and see how they function. This isn’t adding a middle man to make things harder, it makes it much much easier. It’s like adding the ease contactless payment to the website.

So there’s an extra step? No thank you.

That one extra step is called “security”. Transactions don’t get declined, none of my information is stored on a sever that can and will be compromised.

You keep making comments on a subject that:

1: You would not be forced to use.
2: You seem to have no real world knowledge of how contactless/payment methods like work. So I did a search for you,

I did look at Google and Samsung pay, but those only seem to deal with Apps or brick and mortar style payments - that don’t do websites like Apple Pay.

More fees for CCP to pay out? I doubt they’d go for that.

Is there a fee when I use Apple Pay to any of the following institutions: Store/Merchant, issuing financial institution, Apple, or the MasterCard company? Answer: A: Answer: A: The stores pay the fees as part of a processing fee and for using the service.

Apple Pay does NOT charge the merchant. In this instance, CCP Games, to add/use Apple Pay. Again, they charge ZERO/NIL/NOTHING to use the Apple Pay payment platform. There are NO addition fees.

I have a feeling that this is a google question. My job is retail. It is my business to know how these things work.

Google question:
Do merchants pay a fee for Apple Pay?
Apple Pay uses the customer’s credit card there are no additional fees beyond what the credit card issuers already charge those merchants for accepting the cards. Apple charges nothing on top of that.

Both answers end up with the same conclusion: The merchant (CCP) pays the processor (visa, Mastercard etc), the processor pays Apple.

Your post implies you believe Apple pay to be completely infallible and CCPs method to be completely insecure.


But sure, let’s go the security route. The payment is being processed in two places now instead of one.

Answer carefully; which is less secure?
A single point to attack.
B multiple points to attack.
I am genuinely curious to know your answer to that.

You haven’t stated a single thing that’s a) more secure or b) more convenient.

These services make their money on the interest they get when you pre-load the account and don’t spend it. Which is why it’s free.

The guy at the car dealership told me it’s only had one owner, the mileage is genuine, the engine sound is normal, and it gets 100 miles to the gallon. And CNN repeatedly claim to be impartial.

You shouldn’t trust a product review from the people selling you the product. Just because it’s a big company doesn’t mean it’s safe. Heard about the Sony Playstation data breach? Or the EA games source code leaks?

You wanna know the most secure place for your personal data? Don’t give it to anyone.

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