Add Apple Pay/Google Pay as payment check out options

Dear CCP,

Having recently returned to the game, and finding myself in a good group of humans I have decided to stick around for awhile. Plus, you all have released some rather nice packs with game time and such of late, but they are on the rather large purchase size - but they have great value for what’s in them. My cards keep declining, and getting locked until I verify the purchase was coming from me, which is simply annoying and distracting me from playing EVE.

I believe, by adding these payment methods, not only would you increase the security for the end-user, you would simplify the purchasing ability to grab those sexy skins and massive Plex packages.

Thank you.

I’ve never been denied payment via PayPal. PayPal is easier than card for sure.

I have PayPal, but haven’t needed to use it in years. Mostly used it for paying my rent to my former landlord.
But, I really enjoy being able to check out using Apple Pay on sites - as it verifies and approves via my phone which is always near me. As far as I know, it doesn’t cost anything extra to use it, just the man hours to add it and maintain it, which they already pay for for the other options. Plus, there is one added benefit - I believe both Visa and Master card only charge 2% fees on the transaction vs the standard 3%.

Thats probably more logistics that CCP doesn’t want to deal with. Paypal goes straight to my phone as well when i make a purchase…

Apple Pay does take a cut, but it actually sounds quite reasonable. Don’t know how hard it is to implement though, or if there are any additional fees or problems due to the international payments.

Anyway, welcome to Eve.

The link in there doesn’t work. but Apple Pay does not take a cut from the merchant. If i remember right, they take their cut from the card issuer. If i remember right from reading about it before. the cut is like 10 cents to a $100s.

I don’t know where the payment method is processed, but Apple pay is accepted in more and more countries. And I’m not just for Apple Pay but also Google/Samsung as they behave in a similar way.