Devblog: Account Security Improvements

Check out this devblog for more information on account security improvements that we’ve been working on recently!

Read all about it here!


Oh yeah.

I am all for security improvements but god damn, you just had to choose 1Password… Well at least it’s not LastPass eh. Hope this goes well for both parties.

P.S.: Bitwarden ftw

The actual security improvements mentioned are good to hear about. The ability to share 2FA seeds is a god send. However, the dev-blog felt a little too much like a paid promo for 1Password.


Yup. I stopped reading at “We had a little chat with our friends at 1Password, and they were awesome enough to give all of you a free 6-month trial on their family plan!”

When are people going to understand that handing out their info to yet another site in general, and a password site in particular, is a real bad idea?


The short version of it is:

1password never see your unencrypted data. It’s encrypted on your device before being uploaded.


I quite like 1Password. It handles 2FA really well and I found with bitwarden on the mobile app you had to copy and paste the passwords (which is inherently a security issue), they might have improved that now. The travel mode is really handy as well if you well, travel and think bad things will happen,

As for the rest of it all, these are good moves. I especially like the seed option which yeah, I know isn’t “as” secure but it’s far easier with multiple accounts

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Well of course if CCP wanted to get a discount for Eve users they would have to do a bit of promo, I mean you get 6-months for free if you don’t like it simply don’t use it.

I would be thankful we got more than their standard 30-day trial, but CCP arranged a 6-month one and you guys are all complaining about them doing us a favour. I think it is safe to say we have all read one or two reddit posts about people getting their account cleaned out and being locked out for a few months. CCP are doing things to help prevent this.

Trust the Eve community to complain about an extended 6-month free trial for their own benefit being too promotional for the company offering it.


Pretty much why I badgered people to consider it :smiley:

Took a while, but you want people to consider things carefully before implementing, wrt security.

That’s a big if.

I’d say that it’s much more likely that 1Password approached CCP with a financial incentive to promo their product. Like how every you tube channel on the planet just happens to be friends with a VPN company or Skillshare, or a very few others.

Occam’s razor, people.


I am very technically challenged and therefore have no idea what any of that means.

Will I still be able to log in as I do now or will I have to change to something I don’t understand?


You don’t have to change anything.

An options has been added to make life easier for people with multiple accounts. (That’s the shared 2FA key. basicly, rather than having one code per account, you can share it between multiple accounts. Not as secure over all, but better than no 2FA at all)

CCP have also arranged for a free 6 month trial of a service to store all your passwords for you, if you desire to use it. You don’t have to.

Also, CCP check your password against a large list of passwords which have been stolen from other sites, and warns you if you’re using one which has been used elsewhere. (by you, or someone else.) This is done in a secure fashion, with CCP never giving your password to someone else. You don’t have to do anything (unless your password is compromised, at which point they’ll tell you when you use it)

The rest is all behind the scenes stuff, tightening up security. You don’t have to do anything.


Can someone summarize this article please.

What are the changes? I can’t be bothered to read it.

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Read one up.

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Thanks, can you run my accounts for me?

It’s not like I actually play…


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CCP once upon a time creators of one of the world’s best games, now reduced to pimping other corps products…so tell us the truth CCP, how much of a kickback are you getting from 1Password?


Good stuff. Any chance we will ever get to have the option to lock our accounts to IP/ranges as well, or heck even lock it to GeoIP for additional security?


Thanks for offer, but I prefer my free KeePass\KeePassXC :yum:
This blog is useful for raising awareness about 2FA and password managers and it’s nice that you have posted it. But I think you can do better and theoretically could promote 2FA more with various incentives. Just look at examples from other games.


My probation officer said I’m not allowed to use encryption anymore.

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well, posting here might be a problem for you then. Being https and all.