Devblog: Account Security Improvements

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So chrome and edge chromium only atm?

I swear, some players seem to think CCP - a division of Pearl Abyss, ltd - is a charity or their lover or something rather than a company with a payroll, overhead, and an expectation to generate a profit and be useful for their owner’s possible future plans.

One would certainly hope CCP would arrange mutually beneficial things with another company while adding to their game.

CCP LOVES ME :sunflower:

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People who trust the internet :rofl:


Well…maybe in some ways that is better…


I see you’re using a computer.

Good thing you trust it. And all the software running on it, from a wide variety of developers.

What kind of fool trusts a computer?

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Unsure if you’re a sofisticated troll or plainly ignorant. Please, at least refrain from guiding people toward poor security practices. This is a good article from CCP toward better account security.
Thank you for your cooperation

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Introducing: The EVE Players’ 6-month free trial for 1Password Family

OMG! That’s just pathetic. CCP has finally sunk so low as to promote 3rd party garbage. Just because CCP soiled EVE with it, I will never use 1Password for anything EVER, and will tell everyone it sucks, don’t use it. Take your 3rd party recommendations and shove it up your Drifter’s a$$e$. A brand new low for CCP, so sad…

Now that I got your attention with an emotional outburst. CCPlease! Maintain your honor and reputation…don’t go down the road of promoting 3rd party anything. Everything you are is on the line when you promote anything you don’t own! I say this with love in my heart for EVE.

I’m not an EVE freeloader. Check your accounting dept. I already support CCP to the tune of thousands yearly. I do it for the love of the game and because I know you appreciate my investment. But I will never pay 1 penny for anything 3rd party, sorry!


Maybe you can trust multiple independent companies that have done security audits?

Oh hey, since you’re that smart, why don’t you review the sources that are posted on GitHub yourself?

Stop selling us ■■■■ and swinging the damn drifters.

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So how does this battle the bot issue?


did you “fix” the Drifters so the nullnerds will stop crying or did you improve them so they will cry harder?

Please be the last part…

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Don’t make ■■■■ up.

It doesn’t? It’s about stopping people’s accounts getting hacked and stripped.

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what a shame the same can’t be said for your forums activity.

Stickypassword ftw :slight_smile:

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more dumbing down for the stupid among us.

No interest in 3rd party shite CCP, just fecking stop already!

are you reading the posts on your forums CCP?

people whine about the cost of a sub and you want to introduce a further cost ?

can you please take your heads out of your ass and fix the game, what is with this wasted time on these flip flop projects ? ffs CCP.

today, my faith has been slightly shaken, you guys are not who i remember.

This! 1Password is designed in such a way that your password + secret key which is randomly generated are used to encrypt the password vault, and your password vault is decrypted on-demand on your device. 1Password can not see your passwords. It’s all explained very well on their Security page:

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I can assure you that we did all the approaching. The simple reason being because we actually do care that your accounts don’t get hacked, and we want an incentive for our players to enable 2FA. A good password manager not only helps you secure your EVE accounts, it works for all other accounts as well.

I can also assure you that there is no financial incentive for CCP except for the fact that more secure accounts mean hopefully fewer hacked accounts which should mean less very time-consuming work for our awesome GMs and Support people in dealing with the fallout of hacked accounts.


Nope, you don’t need to do anything different. I would encourage you to read up on password managers though, and then simply decide if you want to use one, which I’d heavily recommend in this day and age, with constant data breaches happening all over the internet. Our brains can only remember so much at a time, and hacked accounts, be it EVE accounts or something else, can really mess things up for a person.

No rush, just take your time and read up on how they work, try them out 1 step at a time and then decide if it works for you.