Both accounts hacked shortly after password change

Greetings all,

Both of my Eve accounts have been hacked, not sure how I can use the forums, I guess the data for the forums is kept on a different server.

My point is, I have had the passwords on my two accounts for years with no problems. I kept reading the warning to change passwords on the client login page so though, yeah I should change them, they are years old. So I proceed to change both account passwords, bearing in mind I have not had any issues ever with my ancient passwords. Then, low and behold my accounts are hacked, emails changed in my eve online account and everything, surely not a coincidence ?

Anyway both accounts barred pending investigations.

Player since 2003.

Does not look good even if the outcome is getting the accounts back, likely stripped, already some characters are out of corps etc.

I guess its time to retire.

I hope you emailed support or raised a ticket before coming to the forums to talk about it.

Nevertheless, I do hope any damage is not permanent and you get your space belongings returned.

Yes, all the proper channel used and ticket raised :o).

And thanks, I am hoping for a positive outcome.

Previous victims have not faired well though.

Change the password of the email you used and any other services that are tied to it. Use 2 factor authentication as much as you can to keep your stuff safe.


I just wish I had never updated the passwords end of.

I doubt it is due to you updating your passwords. It’s much more likely they already had access to your email-address and were going to get your accounts anyway.

So I repeat:

-Change your email-password.
-Change passwords to all services that are tied to that email.
-Change the password of all services that use the same passwords (if you have any).

It’s not CCP that is compromised. It’s your email.

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Since OP has already contacted Customer Support about the issue, and to the fact that Forums can’t help solving it (disregarding the obvious responses; Change Password and use of 2FA). I’ll go ahead and close this.