Account might have been hacked, is now banned


I’ve recently heard about EvE having a free to play side. I’ve quitted the game 5 or 6 years ago because of personal issue (studies and stuff), and I’ve never looked back as I forgot about it.

Now that I’d love to come back and start a new journey into New Eden, I’d love to retrieve some of my oldest accounts just to get a quick jump into skillpoint and drive some bigger vessels. My old main account is registered under an old mail I used back in the years. Since my last journey, this e-mail got hacked by some russian folk, and I presume that he managed to hack also my EvE account using the pasword recovery.

The account is still registered under the same old mail, and I’m still able to connect to that mail. The problem is that whenever I try to recover my password using the same method as the hacker (forgot password), the service says that my account is banned. I suppose this is because of the usage the hacker did on my characters.

I opened a ticket to the support ( just in case anything could be done to make me retrieve the account but I still have some questions about it.

  • Do you guys think I could retrieve my account ? The support could unban me ?
  • If I ever retrieve the account, could I change the e-mail linked ?
  • How long does it take for the support to answer ? I’m expecting some answer maybe within the week, but I’ve recently went to a French forum about EvE and some guy had a similar issue but got an answer 9 month later. I’m quite afraid about it

Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry for my aweful English

Fly safe everyone

No one can say. Account tickets usually are dealt with fast, but if your account has been hacked and stuff taken, it can take a long time for them to do the proper investigation needed to restore your stuff. Like months. But if they just locked your account but nothing was taken, then it could be fast.

I suggest you just make a new account for now and start playing the game again. Hopefully it will only a few days or weeks to get your account restored, but if it is going to take months, then you might as well be doing something.

I understand that it could take a while until they restore my account as I left it.

But I’m not really interested into the amount of ISK I had back then. I’m only interested into the amount of SP my character has.
I’m not afraid to start over the game, but because of the SP system it would be much faster to retrieve those SP and get back at it.

I’ve already created a new alpha clone and the account I’m using right now is an old one with some nice skills trained on it. But nothing compared to my main account obviously.

I’ll just go on with the new clones for now, getting used to the changes, thanks for your advice

I got another question then : Will they answer my tickets as soon as they brought back all my stuff, or could I expect some quicker responses, just so I know they’re taking care of my ticket ?

I’m still patiently waiting for an answer but got no sign from CCP so far.

Hoping they’re working on it :slight_smile:

You should at least have received an acknowledgement by now - even if most staff was off the past 2 weeks for holidays. Did you follow the process here:

Note that skillpoints can now be extracted and are quite valuable. it’s the first thing hackers will do. Make sure any new accounts you create are protected with 2 factor authentication.

Like I said, I opened a ticket on the support plateform.
I can’t do much about this. My account is banned, and there’s nothing I can do to retrieve any password from the account recovery page.

And no I got no mail saying that my ticket is being studied or even received by CCP

Edit : I got an automatic email just after sending the ticket, but that’s all I got from CCP so far

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