Old Account problems

I wanted to return to game afrer a number of years but when I tried to login to one of my old accs, I got this popup insted of logging.

Reason: You have been banned permanently by CCP Peligro. The reason specified was: Account security compromised - contact support@eveonline.com

The only reason I want that acount is that as far as I remember - my main stash of everything was there. IS there any way to, if not get the acc, get the info on what’s that account chars have?

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Oh wow - it doesn’t sound like it’s good news at any level. My read is that your account may have possibly been compromised by bad guys (password guessing or somesuch), and it seems as if it’s been perma-locked by CCP. The only way you can know for sure, it seems, is to contact Eve Support at the email address they’ve provided - only they will know the real history. I’d do that - maybe they’ve got some helpful suggestions and maybe even a sliver of good news of some kind for you.

When you regain equilibrium again, you might consider this - it uses multifactor TOTP authentication to log into Eve which is really strong security.

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