Account banned, no answer from support

Hello fellow capsuleers,
My account has been hacked and all my assets have been stolen. After I have submitted a ticket last week, my account was permanently banned for compromised account security. Since then and several other tickets I have submitted (including screenshots of the criminal actions happening with my account), I have not received any answers whatsoever from customer support.
Is my account now gone for me? Can I not access it ever again? Will I get my stuff back?
I dont know how to contact CCP in any other way … Any help is appreciated.

The account recovery process is time consuming. You should assume weeks to months with little feedback. Team security is small and the problem is large.

If you set 2 factor authentication on your Eve account AND the email account associated with your Eve account hacking is a lot more difficult and criminals will generally look for easier targets. If your accounts are not protected with 2FA your problems may just be beginning since every account associated with that email is now exposed.

I had the same thing happen to me in Feb 2019, and i got no reply yet from the Team security
The 1 Paid for account character was 3 years old, all skills and stuff gone and left in a capsule.

I know what you are feeling… I just want the 3 years of skills back…

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