Returning player after 2 years only to find my account Banned and no reply off CCP

As the subject says, i’m a returning player after a 2 year absence and I’ve tried logging in only to find my account has been banned… i have no idea how or why this has happened, but I’ve filled out a ticket about it and it’s been over a week but no reply from CCP. I’m not really sure if this is normal or what my options are… but I’ve pored a lot of time and effort not to mention money in to my OG character and i’m a little distressed about it to say the least.

i appreciate that CCP support staff are busy, but even a message to say they are looking into the circumstances and asking for further information from myself in the interim would be nice… but instead I’ve had radio silence beyond the automated email…

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Usually this happens when your account has been compromised, so CCP bans it to stop people from stealing your assets (including skillpoints)

You been hacked

Or maybe he recently bought this account for real-life money. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nothing personal but that is also a possibility.)

From a security devblog published last month:

  • 5377 account bans for account hacking since February

Team security is small and the problem is large so be patient. If your account was compromised it may have been looted and restoration will be complicated. It may also have been used to launder proceeds from botting or RMT.

Did you “lock the door” when you left the game? 2FA has been available since April 2015:

I appreciate the responses. I’m a bit of an on off player so I’m not familiar with 2FA. But I’ll check it out for the future.

I’ll try to just be patient… I left the game alone for 2 years so I should be able to wait a bit longer… But as with most things… the moment you want to engage with something but you find you can’t… It gets frustraiting… especially if it’s something you’ve already invested in.

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