Banned 2 accounts. I can not figure out the reason

I use google translate, so forgive me for any errors.
The situation is this.
Around 2014 stopped playing the game. After that, I went a couple of times and looked at the changes in the game.
In April of this year I decided to return to the game, logged in with 2 accounts, checked my assets on both characters. Then there was a break for about a week and when I tried to enter the game again, I was given the error “wrong login / password”.
I tried to enter the site, but another surprise was waiting for me there. A message began to appear that both my accounts were blocked.
He wrote in those support, in Russian and English - silence.
For almost a month, open applications have been hanging, but none have answered to any of them.

I had to create a new account to write to the forum.
What to do? Where else to write?

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First of all; nobody here on the forums will be able to help you resolve this.
However from what you have described I can on guess at what has happened;

  • You took a break from EVE back in 2014, looking in a couple of times here and there to check on expansions.
  • You decided to get EVE another go?, checking your assets, then for whatever reason you didn’t play for a week.
  • After week long “pause” you then try to play, but find your account(s) password had been changed (I assume you tried multiple times, you could just have gotten the password wrong).
  • You try login to the Account Management site? - Were you successful? - and found that your account(s) had been banned.

There can be a couple of reasons why CCP would ban account(s), one of them is if the account in under investigation of some sort of EULA/ToS violation, RMT or have been hacked.

8 days, according to your image, does not make it almost a month.

First off; you should check your tickets and see if they are categorized correctly, as it’s possible your account may have been hacked, they should be:

  • If you believe they have been hacked: Billing & Account > Login Issues, and type “Account Hacked” in the subject of the ticket.
  • If they have indeed been banned: Gameplay Support > Rules & Policies > EULA & ToS.

Now when you have checked all this, although you’d not be able to re-categorize your tickets, and keep in mind that it will not help you any to create new tickets in the system as that would only increase the work load for GMs and increase your wait-time for a response.

If all of your current 4 tickets are about the same issue, I’d suggest that close 3 of them and keep the last one open for another 3 weeks, as investigating account issues can take a long time, then and only then you can try and write an email to GMs have lots of tickets to resolve each and every week, with varying priorities, rest assured that your ticket is in the system and they will get to your in due time.

Removing unrelated posts/comments

Hoping for the best for you.
Thank you.


Thanks for the answer!
The first ticket was created on May 2. I just did not make a new screenshot (sent to friends)
I tried to reset the password on two accounts
but it says to me:
if you try to restore by mail

if you try to restore by account name

But on this mail I received a security code on April 12 (a letter was left on the mail if I could take a screenshot) when I returned to the game and I played for several hours.
When I wanted to enter the next time I could not.

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The first (top one) of those accounts is a STEAM account, and it cannot login with the EVE launcher, you must launch the game using the STEAM client; to use that with the EVE launcher you must first create an EVE account name and an associated password (see this):

Are they both the same account? if not then, the last (bottom one) you will just have to wait for CCP to reply to your ticket.


I suspect your account might have been hacked, can’t think of another reason why would CCP ban you just like that…Unless you have a dark side :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the Verification code for the “Allizard” account, which came to the post office, was the same for the second account

my accounts were not tied to steam. Yes, I used the launcher through steam, but I just added accounts to the launcher and ran them.
A new account to write to the forum was created in Steam, but the old ones were not tied!
accounts have been registered to one email, if this is important

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Have you tried using your email-address (associated with our accounts) instead of your account name to attempt a password reset? that way it should be able to identify which accounts are connected to that email. (pictures are not needed in your reply)


sorry for the pictures :slight_smile:
Yes, I tried. In the answer where 2 screenshots. The first picture was just an attempt to reset the password with the mail. It says " We couldn’t find your account with that information"

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Ahh… then all points to a high possibility of your account(s) has been hacked and that’s the reason for the ban. All you can really do now is to just wait for CCP to get to your ticket, I do understand that it’s very annoying to wait but you cant rush things just because you/we might want to.

Just for good measure I’d recommend that you go and change your email’s password while you wait, it’s likely that it also have been compromised.


I understood. Thank you very much for your time.
Simply, many people write that they are waiting for an answer for 2 months on issues related to accounts.
But it’s strange how they could have hacked me if I went in only through the launcher a couple of times.
I will change the password to the mail.
I will wait.
Thanks again!

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Rather than receiving F2A codes on you email you should consider getting the Google Authenticator, available on Apple/Google Store, for your smartphone if you have one. It’s significantly more difficult to acquire the codes for any would be hacker.


OK. I will use your advice.

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Nothing more can be done but to wait for CCP, closed.