One of my Accounts Hacked

one of my Accounts was Hacked
Yes I made a Ticket.
Account was Banned after I tried to login, could not login and tried account recovery then i found out account was banned dangit
When I was able to login after i was granted access again from CCP Support. 2 weeks later
After getting a new password and 2FA setup.
All my Isk gone, all skills extracted, All ships and inventory gone, there was over 2 years of skilling gone.

It took them 11 minutes to drain my account

image 1
image 1

And i did not give access to anybody …
Why would I, Ya Think.
This was right after the New Launcher was released…

Ask CCP for help … usual reasons, you used your password elsewhere, or your mail got hacked.

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Ya something happened without my knowledge, and the support ticket has all the new info.
they should be able to see the IP address of the person that did it

It took just 11 minutes to clean out the account…


As a support ticket has already been filed and to the fact that Forums can’t help on the issue. Since the issue is on Account Hack I advice you to also send an email to, and to prevent future events of this kind I will also advice you enable 2FA both for your account but also for your email (if it’s possible).

Closing this thread and I wish you luck :slight_smile: