Longtime player account stolen -CCP policy is a failure

Some history- I have played since 2006, I flew alongside BoB in the old days, and have been part of a ton of big alliance things and small things alike. I have over 200 million skill points and I used to have over 150 billion in isk and assets. To some that is a ton, to others, it’s not worth mentioning its so low. (goons)

I have a rock-solid system, I do not leave it on, and I have a firewall and good security software. I look at my neocom II app in my phone as I expected a skill to complete and alas… it’s not updating. I assumed neocom II was messed up. I called a friend who I got to play eve years ago, and he said his was fine. I tried logging in when I got home and I could not.
I noticed that the email associated with the account was new.
I put in a ticket and freaked and waited…and waited…and waited…(slowest response in history- other games I play have a 15 minute response time and friendly folks-but I digress)

Now- while I waited in absolute silence, I read some crappy articles online about CCP policy etc. I changed all of my passwords and ran some diagnostic software that came up empty. I called my pal over who built my machine, (an IT manager of a multi-billion $ company) he snapped his thumb drive into my pc and ticked away for a bit. He said my system was clean. Any breach had to be on CCP’ part.

So, I waited and waited and finally when I get a response, they said to set an authenticator and its all my fault- too bad your corp is gone, too bad all you isk and assets are gone…too bad you have zero isk- even though we know where it went. Sorry too bad…you suck, and do not appreciate you as a customer (my words-translating their comments)

All my research shows that the data breach has to be on their part. I wonder how many other people have had their accounts at CCP breached?

Now they say their policy is the “too bad sucker” “its in the eula- ha ha you lost eve” But aside from all of that nonsense…I ask you the readers to tell me your thoughts on these ponderings :

They can easily see that the dirtbags from Sweden stole my account, emptied it, bought skill extractors and transferred everything…seems an easy trail to follow. I know at least a dozen guys who I talk to on steam that have accounts that they have not accessed in 10+ years and claim they never will again that have the old T2 BPO’s on them. I have begged them to come back if anything to give me the items…they are never coming back. So they claim that giving my items back would be somehow disrupting the system of the sandbox, but there are trillions in dead accounts…and I know a guy who has fallen asleep ratting and got back a half dozen faction fit golems from nothing …just because he put in a ticket and said it was server lag. those 6 golems did not break the system…rolling my account back won’t either…

But enlighten me, teach me why a person…a customer who has given thousands, gets his account hacked- on CCP’s side in my opinion…can not get reparation…of pretend pixels? as of now, I cannot even play. Hard to buy a ship with zero isk?? Cant rat with a rookie ship, level 4’s in a shuttle…woo hoo…count the cash rolling in…

So their fix is to give me a 200+ million skill point character with nothing…I can start in the tutorial and all 12 years are gone. Do they really think that is what I will do?

So apparently CCP has gone the path of Blizzard- they have their little ap game for phones to do the microtransactions, they are now a pay to win game- as you can buy anything in game with plex…so maybe my time has come to an end. 12 years of subscription…finally ending…because they just do not care anymore …they want microtransaction and plex purchases…not loyal subscribers

**edit- since some of my friends who commented some logical things- their crappy policy is to prevent upsetting the economy in their super sandbox- when they have mechanics that allow goons to make trillions per day with their super cap mining in 0.0 - my measly assets mean nothing to them…they just do not care at all.



The likelyhood isn’t that it was CCP who got hacked.

The likelyhood is that it’s some third party where you reused the same password who were breached.

My main reason for thinking this? There aren’t a wave of reports of breached accounts.

Or it was your mail which was breached.

Let me guess, you didn’t have 2FA on either?


Attack the victim, nice.

I change email passwords frequently- and they are normally long, bizarre with dumb characters…

Thanks for not addressing the questions- it was more philosophical …noob
I am aware they dont care that they have lost me as a customer as it is impossible to play now. thanks for derailing the questions to attack me personally though.

Sorry I called you a noob- your a big shot CSM dude… nice fenrir loss lol…I would give you one to replace that but wait…its gone…nice killboard stats…(not really lulz)

EDIT: I was thinking about it- your bozo position on the CSM is tied to the fact that they were so disconnected with their customers that they created the CSM to calm the masses as they were doing massively stupid things with policy. I was there long before there was a CSM dummy. Your job is to represent the customer/players to CCP- not suck up to them and kiss their booties…your instinct is to attack a victim instead of reviewing what is ultimately a poor policy and take the side of the masters…tool…I would PVP you, but I dont have any ships and .09 isk…

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Wonder if CCP just doesn’t have an insider selling account information… lol

ha…I was around when they spawned T2 BPO’s for their pals…it happened…I was there…


Hate to hear that man…

Hopefully Karma will kick in on your behalf if nothing else.

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Thanks brother! you are a good man

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Can I have your stuff? oh… nvm, LOL


Yup- you can :slight_smile: you got me…har har har

I am cancelling my 12 years of omega tomorrow…so I will send you all my isk…not sure it will show…I think the scumbags left .09 isk? is that possible…does eve trade in pennies?

Dont quit your day job for comedy though…just saying.

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Still nothing…I had an issue with another game not related to ccp, I had an email in 15 minutes…then they called me and talked me through it… weeks will pass, and they just wont communicate…aside from a copy and paste response that their lawyer wrote for them. I of course cannot say or copy anything that they do, as in all things they do- its a one side eula…jerks

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Another day passes…and crickets…absurd

My first thought mirrors what Steve Ronuken said, but you also said you change your passwords and use nonsense characters. What you should do, if you hadn’t already, is talk to them with the angle of why in the world they didn’t send you an authentication request when the account’s email was changed. Even if you straight-up told somebody your login credentials, they shouldn’t be able to change the user identity details without going through a 2FA step of some kind … such as sending you a confirmation email to your old email address even if the thief claimed your phone number had changed and requested a 2FA notice be sent to their phone number.

What kind of response did/does that tactic generate?

My Gmail was hacked from China and it had a 15 digit alpha numeric (numbers and letters) password. They even knew it had, they sent me a letter saying hey, you were hacked and gave me the ip address of who did it.

Now I don’t know if you use Gmail, probably some mail that is less advanced, so I have no doubt your email is as unsecure as much as a talented hacker wants in.

But I highly doubt you were hacked, it probably is much more low tech than that like if you are constantly changing your password. You probably write it down too, and how secure is that? You probably believe your home is secure and your not in it most of the day.

It seems a leap to jump to it being CCPs fault without there being some kind of proof.

yes indeed there is bullshrek going on at ccp - both my accounts were also stolen in november 2018 - I am in conversation with my isp to make sure my email account was not compromised as that or something within ccp are the only ways this could have occurred. i had the same events happen i logged in and my password was invalid , when i went to account recover my email address was no longer the active valid account it has taken almost 2 months to get my accounts back - do not know how much damage was done - will find out as soon as the crappy password reset mails me a message …

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you really don’t know ■■■■ about shinola sugar

It may be that our emails were hacked - I can find no proof of thus far and have opened an inquiry to my isp about incursions and ip address access of my email as the only place i use that email is at home it is not connected to my mobile phone and i have checked and rechecked thru junk mail and mail trash and never got any thing requesting an account alteration of any sort… the issue may be that my isp email was hacked if it want then the only other possibility is something on ccp end - the other possibilities of incursion have been investigated and found to be inaccessible.

put your email in that web browser if you haven’t and it will give you your answer.

not quite that simple the data breaches i found my email attached to (foodie apps and movie apps) have nothing to do with hacking the email and setting up a false target account and even less to do with hacking the eve account

and you know that for a proven fact. have you even used that website?

Eve has offered 2 factor authentication since 2015 as have most other quality online services. It isn’t sufficient to secure your Eve accounts, you also need 2FA on your email account. If you don’t secure your accounts it isn’t a question of IF you will be hacked but WHEN.

Restitution, if possible at all, will take time - it’s a big problem and CCP have a small team to deal with it.


Even 2FA isn’t secure for email not if your lazy and save session cookies so you dont have to keep entering codes.

https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/269121-this-tool-can-hack-your-accounts-even-with-two-factor-authentication way better at describing the issue.

But to be safe tie everything to 2FA but make sure you have to enter it every time you log in to an account and not save session cookies. That link above describes the issue and i was shocked how long session cookies last for.

Also make sure your ALWAYS logout and sometimes completely clear your browser then that way even if you do have a dodgy phishing email the common places they look they wont find anything. A good antivirus software should prevent this from happening if its not a zero day exploit.

Eve logon irc has same process so i assume would also be susceptible to this.

Gonna have to add this because I bet someone has done it. Make sure when you sign up to allaince forums or whatever to use a different email and passwords then those related to your account!!!.

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