Dear support

After trying to come back to game and finding my password is changed and account email is different when attempting to recover password that I thought I just forgot since Ive got many of them.

I tryed contacting you about the issue. Sure you resolved it by restoring account ownership and restoring the SP I do aprichiate that part but as someone whose been playing EVE for more then 10 years and even gone as far to buy the first decade box Im disgusted with the interaction that Ive had.
First of delay between your responses was awfully long without any updates but so be it you might have had a lot on your plate and well my return to EVE could have been delayed by week no problem.
But Im very disapointed at you not even trying to recover at least portion of stolen items isk or plex.
Even your custimmer support guy said that my email got breached for account transfer to another mail to happen and its my fault.
Well thats nice of him to say that having my email breached is my fault. I definitely go around telling ppl my email and password obviously.
Considering that I was returning to the game after few months I tryed at least to to ask if he could copy my test server items or at least wallet and plex if copying ships is to much and al I get for days now is a silent treatment.
My one accounts ISK and plex wount definitely ruin economy Im not some big shot

But now knowing how CCP treats long term custimmers I dont want to have anything to do with EVE right now and Im not sure if Ill ever want to. So since CCP doesnt want my money Ill gladly pour it down to steam and all those other companys.
Great way to lose 4 accounts player

Oh and on a side note it would have been nice knowing if someone got punnished perhaps the guy who kept logging to my account since I could see the IP in account mannager

Begin flamming being toxic or whatever I needed to get this out of my system.

Dealing with hacked accounts is difficult manual work I guess … give support some credit and time to do their investigations. If your mail account got hacked, you can’t blame CCP …

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Everyone on the forums of course knows that you didn’t just transfer your EVE account to a buddy, sold everything for mad ISK and are now hoping for reimbursement from CCP for double mad profits.

Your best hope is to open a petition with CCP and allow for 2-3 months for the security department to look into it. Maybe ping them on the ticket once every two weeks. Posting in this forum is not going to help you.

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The reason why it’s so difficult to return the items and PLEX to you is that the GM’s would have to reverse market-trades for possibly a large number of people to get those items back to you. The amount of work, frustration from other people losing their items/skins/omega-time because you got your stuff back is not worth it.

Oh, before you go with the “they could just make me new items and create PLEX from thin air”

Yes, they could, but that would create extra things into the game that weren’t there before, thus causing issues to the economy.

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If you used the same password on any other site or service, then yes, you did exactly that.


Of course it was your fault. Do you think it was CCPs fault?

Most, if not all people who have their accounts and emails comprimised, dont go around telling people their email and password. Yet it still gets breached. Why? Because their passwords are poorly set up. Because they logged in at a school or public library and forgot to log out. Because they opened or downloaded a spyware/keylogger from a porn site.

Most people who get hacked, dont go around telling people their passwords and email. But its almost always their fault. Eternal vigilance is the price for a secure personal life.

No, but consider this.

I have one account with x amount of isk.

I go to a website and sell my isk for real money.

I come back to CCP and claim that my account was hacked and to please return isk because it was only a couple months ago and serenity server still shows my isk balance!!!111.

Well, no. Its not CCPs fault that you got hacked and compromised. Its not CCPs fault that you executed poor decisions in your life. Its not CCPs fault that youre a dullard.

All in all, youre blaming CCP for your own shortcomings, but dont want to put the blame where it belongs, and instead want to blame CCP because it would be easier for you. Do you get angry at the banks when you get scammed for your money after sending $10,000 to a nigerian prince, and the Bank doesnt reimburse you for it? Do you get angry at Apple when your Macbook gets stolen because you went to a public event and had to go to the washroom and left your laptop on the park bench, and Apple doesnt give you a free replacement?

It was your own fault. Own up to it.


nope my email password and EVE password were completely seperete in fact my email password never matched ANY online service / forum password.

Isk is created out of thin air in EVE as well when you get a bounty as for items I could live without those even tho majority of my assets were in them mainly in some pimped ships… that were collecting dust so I could get over that somehow

Selling things for mad isk and petitioning for refund would be my concern as a support as well but again it can come down easely to checking that my IP didnt log in to any other EVE account then the ones listed and stolen and checking their activity.
Not to mention I had several months of plex and if I remember corectly several bil as well I could have played EVE confortable for next year and something without need to grind incursions not to mention I had tons of assets to get rid of and I wasnt in any big allience or anything where I would need the funds to fund for example a titan or super carrier not that I couldnt probebly affort one super or two if I sold some things

and if you do take your time youll notice mosto f my expenses were a frigate pvp so yea Id definitely need to scam EVE…

K. So you downloaded a “Nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence click here!” ad and downloaded a trojan/keylogger/RAT and got comprimised that way.

Still your fault.

K so why are you crying about it.

VPN. Look it up.

Again, if you could live without these assets, why are you making a big deal about it.

The problem isnt scamming. its selling your isk/items/character for real world money, i.e. RMT. And yes, even a few bucks worth is still enough of a motivator. People steal candy bars worth 2 dollars. People complain about having to pay 10 cents.

Generally speaking, if there was a vulnerability with the login process that was CCP-sided only, it wouldn’t be individual accounts that are “hacked”, but all of them, because it’d be the same vulnerability for everyone.

Yup, and we would have a dozen new posts and threads about how their account was hacked. Cause everyones accounts would be hacked. Hackers and RMTers work fast because they know their on the clock.

Hello. If you feel the issue needs to be looked into further, please, create a support ticket and go after it through official channels. The forums aren’t able to help you with this issue. I wish you the best of luck, and am closing this thread now.