Longtime player account stolen -CCP policy is a failure

What about adding FIDO2 in addition to 2FA?

By the time you read this, I regret to inform you that the BOB Corp/Alliance has been dissolved, AKA no longer exist. on to the stuff:

Account stolen?
Do an email /account recovery process. If that doesn’t work notify CCP/devs.

Stuff missing?
Sorry man, the stuff that you “used to store” at the BOB’s headquarters at the time, is now gone indefinitely.


of course I did check the site which is why i know my minor apps usernames and passwords were released into the wild I also know it took a GM over 2 months to get my account recovered to me even tho looking at my trouble ticket reports which date back over 8 years were all in correct english and from my 15 year old email address the account seemed to have been taken over by someone russian at a totally different isp and email… it was quite obvious to me just looking at ccps own data and emails from me that i was the owner of my account as i was NOT russian…

did you ever get fixed or perma screwed ?

i had the same attempt the other day i use a sacure key as a password and they had my key but where ip blocked

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Too much hacking now.
Even having 2FA turned on didn’t help my accounts… I’d rather use client certs than 2FA, if access is that easy. Hangers cleaned out, but SP not stolen.

I’m now seeing the lack of response from CCP isn’t unusual in these situations, which is pretty disappointing. Like the OP, I too started out in the early days - this is the first hack in this toon’s 14 1/2 year lifespan. Not how I envisioned these characters ending :cry:

shaun_27 - nice link. Nasty hack

Did you have 2FA send the code into your email?

Nope, taken straight from the screen - scanned.

That site is ■■■■■■■■! I just made a brand new Gmail account and it said it is breached!!

“Collection #1 (unverified): In January 2019, a large collection of credential stuffing lists (combinations of email addresses and passwords used to hijack accounts on other services) was discovered being distributed on a popular hacking forum. The data contained almost 2.7 billion records including 773 million unique email addresses alongside passwords those addresses had used on other breached services. Full details on the incident and how to search the breached passwords are provided in the blog post The 773 Million Record “Collection #1” Data Breach.”


Not sure if CCP even care about RMT any more… heard nothing at all from them after opening a support ticket. Seems like the autoresponder is the only one still watching the ticket queues… Nothing from the security team either - not so much as an acknowledgement of the hacking report…

The new face of customer support?

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