Monthly Security Report - August 2019

Fresh month, so it means it’s time for the Monthly Security Report (MSR)!

Check out this devblog for all the latest details on the fight against RMT, botting and account hacking.

Read all about it here!


First and cool!

I’ve noticed a sharp dropoff in inflation recently and can’t help but feel it’s correlated to no longer having 300b/day of bot isk coming into the economy. Nice!

There’s also been a major step up in account bans from last month, which I hope is a good thing.

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Good work.

–Appreciative Gadget

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Good blog, thanks.

The only part I don’t like is this:

You keep copy-pasting this from blog to blog, yet it seems no one made any effort to actually seriously promote 2FA or even force it for some gameplay elements.
Many solutions has been suggested by the community here and on reddit but they never been taken seriously.
Some 2FA examples from other games:
WoT: paid 300 currency for 2FA activation once.
SWTOR: gives 100 currency every month for active 2FA.
Warframe: cosmetic item for activation + trade between players locked behind 2FA completely and this measure was super successful.
GW2: cosmetic item once for activation.
Fortnite: free cosmetics or emote or whatever.
WoW: extra account wide backpack slots.

You get the idea. Reminding players about 2FA in a blog is a good thing but it will never be as effective as promoting feature with some FREE carrot and stick.


Been asking this for a few times. :slight_smile:

Personally I’d like something like a medal, assigned to all characters on the account, or similar. Mostly so people could check up on it. :wink: (in a voluntary way. as it has to be exposed by the player) Because I do not doubt that larger organisations would like to be able to require their higher ups to be using 2FA.


Man nullsec botting really dropped off a cliff after blackout.


Well done on the Bots. I think it is time Sov holders got fines in the trillions for harboring bots. Bankrupt those who do.

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Based on the numbers for August we’re up to, what, like 30,000 accounts banned?

And people are still thinking this has no effect on PCU…?

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This is awesome, it reestablishes value in all of our legal efforts.



We can see by looking at the graph below that a combination of the blackout as well as a renewed focus on hammering these kinds of illicit behaviors into the ground have had a massive impact on the amount of ISK being poured into the economy of New Eden by suspected botters.

Are you seriously implying that someone in CCP told you to move away your focus from bot hunting for a while and that you had to ramp it up again? :thinking:

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Good! Death to all bots and rmt!



Great job.
However, next time you teleport some rule breakers into Yulai for some re-education, could you make it an all day thing? Tired of having all the fun being off limits for those in the US who work full time. Just autodrop a few per hour like a broken vending machine spewing treats onto the floor.

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Just drop all botters in Yulai with suspect timer, even if it’s just a Venture

that blue line that had 14b, second from top, even though it should have been top :eyes: is the high sec bots i guess, still leading in isk injected into EVE, perhaps local needs to change for this area of space also. but just for the botter.
it seems to have worked wonders in null, so why not do the obvious to add to the fun make them suspect for all to have a pop at. make high sec into null for the bots, you know who they are, they are not hard to detect. slam that ban hammer home and let the players have some fun killing them along the way. so i’m clear on this, CCP removes the ability of suspected botters to see local.


I think it is great that you are removing botters, but the number of genuine players who have stopped playing and especially mining even if they are playing is crippling to a normal null sec corp.


Blackout forever please


So here’s the July security report: source:

And here’s August’s security report: source:

Correct me if I’m wrong but is there a huge spike in accounts banned in August? Am I missing something here?

Great work by the way. Death to the filthy botters