Monthly Security Report - September 2019

Time for the Monthly Security Report for September!

Check out this devblog for all the latest details on the fight against RMT, botting and account hacking.

Read all about it here!


First <3

Would be lovely if we could also get some statistics in which regions these bots were banned in the future maybe?


is it still:

1st offence in botting = 3 day ban
2nd offence = permaban or has it changed

What is the “feedback loop” for reporting, I’ve never gotten anything except the usual “we take this seriously and will take appropriate action but cannot give you any specific action, consider this ticket closed” message… that can’t be the “loop” you are referencing…

If you use the ig report button you get now since 2? weeks mails if there was some action taken against the suspect.

Looks in the worst case like

You should have a look on the Pirat alliance.
If you do so i can give you some information

Use Two Factor Authentication!
We cannot stress this enough – we know how much effort goes into character development in EVE Online, and it’s worth the extra login step to protect your accounts from abuse and damage.

Another month, another reminder (that wouldn’t be followed en masse).
Meanwhile EA gives one month of Origin Access if you enable Email\App 2FA.
Why not do something like this?

Fantastic job CCP!

It would also be nice if you could add a Comment window to the “REPORT BOT” button in game. So that, people may write a few words about what kind of activity that they found suspicious.

It would also be nice if you could look into the Chatbots in Jita that i suspect are just posting scam messages in chat every 10 seconds.
Scams are of course, part of the game but I do think a lot of these accounts doesn’t have a human behind them. I’ve found the intervals at which some of them post to be very suspicious.


As one member suggested, we would love to know which regions.
Jita market booting for example does more damage to the game imo and traders would most likely be encouraged to keep trading in a fair environment. For a long time now i have contemplated leaving EVE and join other games and news like this reduces the doubtfulness regarding EVE.

Well done CCP, keep it up, and Thank you.

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There is so much botting going on, it has destroyed the market. You were on the right track with the blackout but you caved into the Delve Bots.

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As CCP is doing nothing against ISBOXER fleets it makes no sense to help them.
And the report button is a joke.