Issue to delete bank creditcard

Hi, I want delete my creditcard on your database BUT no option allowed it ( btw your site say you can! Updating Your Credit Card Details – EVE Online )

You have ( one more time ) billed my account despite to cancelling renew of the 12month omega ( for the second year in a row… ) . Why a company like you make trouble for cancel subscription and why your “delete bank detail” is too many hidden? are you too running for money? btw it’s against the european rules …

And this is why we want to pay with crypto currency, no problem cancelling then. This is what we call counterparty risk.

I will never pay with card because of issues like this, crypto or bust.

quod erat demonstrandum

yup but ccp is 100% guilty… the payment method are totally hidden! I’ve canceled renew since some month and this morning … MAGIK my credit card was charged and the 12month subscription is reactived and this for the second years in a row! CCP, you publish game in europe, YOU MUST respect EU law! STOP thieves players! Maybe I should talk to you at French Fraud Control? I want ccp delete my creditcard on their database NOW!

On that page, you should be able to remove your used credit card.

Or have you done that and they still billed you?

Look … no creditcard registered… they debite my card but I can’t delete it in the website… I can’t do more for my side.
So I can’t delete account, can’t delete debitcard from website… they will bill me for ever because they reactivate omega without my permission?

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@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

This really is an ongoing issue that the CSM should mention. Lots and lots of people want the ability to shut off autopay - independent of “cancelling” their subscriptions. This thread goes beyond that, of course, but there is a problem here.

Crypto payment is a solution option for those that want it, then you initiate the payment, each time

The only other option for us that don’t want to use card and end up in this situation, is to not pay, lost sale to CCP

Does CCP accept “crypto”? If not, then it is not really an option.

Then not paying is an option, and one I exercise due to lack of alternative payment methods, lost sale.

I am on Linux, missing out paying is not a big loss since we don’t get real official support anyway.

Broken record much?

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Broken payment system by the looks of it

If payment system is broke, it’s a major bug… because many people like me will be billed for an omega but we don’t want it… for my side, I’m leave eve since many month and haven’t to do with this 12month omega. And I’m 100% sure I’ve cancelled renew… btw my creditcard isn’t mentionned on the website, so they haven’t to bill it.

This is part of a much bigger payment issue with CCP’s system.

This is why i use paypal and not my card… i can easily stop paypal anytime i want to

It’s the only (and last) time I use my creditcard for a game because ccp seem like a “good” company when I’ve started this game. But now for me CCP is the biggest scam ever…
Can’t delete the game account, Can’t delete or at least view debit card (despite the information and computer laws) and they don’t care about “cancel renew asking”.
CCP break all the laws in a row, it’s a total scam.

oh I’ve forget something… French have something called CNIL ( Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) that’s the deletion law in French (my country) maybe you should look at this CCP.

Please file a support ticket, as that guarantees the issue will be looked at. Thank you.