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So I tried to subscribe an Account of mine and I couldn’t. Apparently CCP is one of the few companies who decided to set a country of origin FOR their customers, thereby limiting the banks you can use to pay for anything to that country. Now… we live in a globalized world where people move around from place A to B for work and whatnot.

Is there any additional safety due to this “feature”? Absolutely not! In order to use any payment system not only do you need to know all the required banking details and passcodes and whatever security measures you bank has set up, but also you need have access to TANs of any form. If somehow, by a mixture of many misfortunate security decisions on your side, anyone had access to all that data of yours and is able and willing to fraudulently rob your money, why on earth does CCP think that kind of person would go out and buy EVE Online gametime or PLEX with it? I can’t ■■■■■■■ believe it…

So my questions:

  1. Why can I not at least chose my country of origin or the country where my bank resides, if CCP is so adamant about limiting payment options to one country and not offering any easy way to correct THEIR decision.

  2. Why does CCP deem it sensible to set a country for the player without ever asking him and then even go so far as to limit the banking payment options to this artificially set country? What’s the reason? Why make it hard for us to pay?

Please, I need to know.

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Have you filed a support ticket? You may get better answers from a Game Master on this issue as it’s a billing support issue.

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Not yet, I was curious if other people who frequent this forum run into similar issues. I’ve googled it and found people on /r/EVE talking about it in the past.

CCPs Billing Support is great and I’m sure they would quickly solve the issue for me. What I don’t understand is why I have to give them and me the hassle of requesting a country change, when this seems to be an issue that doesn’t need to be one.

Anyhow, I will file a ticket now. Thanks.

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No problem, while you may very well get an answer here from someone that may satisfy you. At the end of the day you may need help from a Game Master to sort out your billing issue, so might as well start the ball rolling.

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