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Hey guys,im in problems,trying to buy a sub with a debit card,which i have funds for it…but in the system does not recognize my transaction.i did everything(even buying dollars as a misery Argentinian douche)and cannot validate the purchase.i would like to know if there’s anything i can do to aolve this problem,im quite fonded of this game since 2019 and i cannot allow to lose my temper over this issue.thanks in advance

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Submit a Support Ticket to CCP, I’m sure you’ll probably get a quick reply from them…

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You might also check some of the information on the Payment Methods page, or possibly try using a different service like PayPal:

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Contact your bank.

CCP can’t help you. Your bank wants you to verify the purchase.

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As Aiko says, it is your bank seeking verification. I had this with Eve yesterday when I bought PLEX. Your bank sends you an OTP (one time password) , usually in a text message to your mobile, and you have to enter that code to verify the transaction.

Didnt received any msg from my bank representatives declining such purchase…

I would try contacting your bank directly and asking specificity if they even received the request. It would hardly be the 1st time a bank makes a mistake.

You should have been there for the 2 day down times! :rage: :rofl:
I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. Please let us know what the fix is. You never know who it can help.

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What @Aiko_Danuja said, contact your bank.

Having gone through something very similar last December with a pre-loaded debit Visa card I’ve used exclusively for ccp for years already, here’s a few more steps to do:

While you contact your bank, ask them who the organization is that monitors international card payments. In many cases it is ATOS Worldline. If not, your bank can tell you who it is and how to contact them.

Contact ATOS Worldline (or the organization your bank told you). These people will tell you where the transaction stopped, as they can see both electronic requests and replies, giving you a clear hint where the problem lies (and info ccp needs).

If your country of residence has regulations for verification of online payments (the EC does), requiring the use of two-factor verification tools (like a private card reader, as they do in many EC countries), ATOS Worldline will tell you.

In my particular case CCP’s website didn’t even ask for two-factor verification, although mandatory since I reside within the EC, … and although it had done so in previous years.

It took a few weeks (it was the holiday season) to get things sorted on CCP’s end, after I provided the support ticket with all the information (the usual last 4 digits of the card, responses from banks and ATOS, billing address, the usual drill). The details of their fix are unknown to me, and it took CCP effort to solve the problem. The GM involved mentioned making a few small changes to their website, after which it finally asked for two-factor verification as it had done for years prior…

No complaints about the willingness of CCP to solve the issue !

Key to finding the problem was to contact ATOS. They have the (neutral) view on the transaction attempts and can read the electronic traffic.

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