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Why is it when I have my Credit card linked to 2 eve accounts it subscribes one to a subscription the other doesn’t, but as soon as I go to buy the 500 plex on both accounts that’s when it bills me? then customer service takes off the subscriptions and omega state then refunds me (after 2 days still haven’t gotten the refundment) then once I use my 500 plex to get omega state they take it off and refund me my 500 plex (the day after the prior refundment) right after I made it clear that I DID NOT subscribe to any type of payment billing or so I wanted my money back and made it clear very clear that I only wanted the 500 plex not the 500plex and then the omega state aswell. I have 2 accounts link to this card and only 1 of them is causing me problems, i do not know why this is but does anyone know what i should do other then contact customer service?

I have no idea what you wanted. Maybe try and make smaller sentences. And add paragraphs.

Make a support call and wait. If you were misunderstood, explain politely. And last but not least, show some constraint when buying stuff.

Enjoy EVE Online, there is a spot in space for each one of us! All aboard the CCP Friendship! :roller_coaster:


I do not think the credit card number is an issue, because it is not allowed to store the credit card credentials for game reasons, only for payment.
I’ve only heard about eMail address problems, it’s better to take different eMail addresses for different EVE accounts.

Let me try to understand you.

You have 2 accounts. Both use same email, this shouldn’t cause an issue. Both use same credit card…
You have (monthly) subscription on 1st account? You do what on the 2nd account? you want both accounts to be (monthly) subscription?

You buy 500 PLEX from the store, on both accounts, and you are surprised that they bill you for it?

You contact Customer Support about which problem? I have a hard time trying to understand your explanation in your OP. I guess English is not your primary language, if you don’t mind telling, what is your main language? Perhaps you have used translate.google.com to help you both with your chat with Customer Support and writing here, not that there is anything wrong with that. Just that google is far from a perfect translator.

Why… shouldnt it bill you…?

You bought plex, right?

Yeah, i do not understand the chain of events going on here.

Is this like that episode from Fringe, where you have the guy time-travelling and hopping around universes?

Cause this would make a great episode for that series if it was still running.

Calm down and speak in a coherent manner?

Preferably with bullet points or some sort of way that will relay your message in a more clearer sense.

Cause out of the 4 people who responded so far, 3 of us dont understand what youre talking about.

Hehe, me neither, but I used to work in customer 1st level support and looked for key words :wink:

Yip agreed this is very confusing break down all points into as small sentences as possible.

To make it easy for you what option looks best:?

Option 1: Account 1 payed by card, Account 2 payed by plex.

Option 2: Both accounts payed by card (1 month) and all plex refunded.

Option 3: Other.

ok, sorry for bad English. Ok account 1 and account two are two different emails. SAME credit card. 1st account bought plex payed 4 omega time. 2nd account got billed for omega time and plex when I only bought plex. so instead of it being 20$ it was 35$
I contacted support, they took the 15$ and refunded me. I said thank you but as soon as I added the plex to my account and Omega stated my account they took that and refunded me when I didn’t ask them to, so I had to recontact them and tell them. They did this on 2 different days. and took them almost 27hrs to reply the first time then they tried to say I signed up for omega time subscription when I did not. but the first account went threw the same process as I did to the 2nd account the only different was the 2nd account was charged a extra 15$. when it shouldn’t be

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@Sir_Drekralor_Kul_gantor Ok, I think I understand you now. Do you remember if it was only a 500 PLEX deal that you bought or could it maybe have been a Package deal that included Omega-time aswell as 500 PLEX?

Although it does sound like there have been an error when you bought the PLEX. Do you still have an open ticket about your issue? if so could you give me the Ticket number?

Is that what shows up on your credit card statement? or your email.

Because your credit card statement will not differentiate between which account you were billed for. For all you konw, you were billed for your first account properly, and this is what is showing up on the statement.

@Sir_Drekralor_Kul_gantor There could be another cause for it to look like you got billed incorrectly. There is the possibility that your account has an auto subscription running and that the Omega-time lapsed and the system automatically purchased additional time.

In this case, on you bank statements there should be 2 separate lines:

  • Auto Renewal of subscription.
  • 500 PLEX Purchase

If I remember correctly EvE sets up one of those sketchy “we’ll sign you up for a repeat payment regardless if you want one and hope you forget to cancel” deals, so this is in fact incredibly likely isn’t it?

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