Please stop auto re-subscribing my account

Dear CCP,

Can I please kindly ask you to stop putting my account into an “auto” billing subscription every time I decide to pay for omega with money ? I keep canceling this auto subscription but every time I make payment with money it auto switches to this auto subscription, pulling money from my pay pal account without any notice other than post factum.
I find this “feature” VERY annoying cause I like to manage my payments on my own, with my own hands without anyone deciding for me.

Can this “issue” be adressed in any way ?


After subscribing you need to cancel immediately then you won’t be rebilled.

Correct. However I got things on my mind and acasionally I forget to do that and sometimes I get billed even if I intended not to renew my omega state.

(In this particular case reason for not paying for omega being CCP plans for “quantum cores” for Hi sec citadels)

Dunno what to tell you man. If a couple extra clicks when you’re already logged into account management is too much I don’t see how CCP can help you. Most folks rely on autobilling (paying each month is kind of the definition of subscription), and you’re an edge case that can be extremely easily prevented at the time you purchase Omega.

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It’s not really the auto billing that annoys me but rather fact that if I switch off auto billing (which I most of the time do), every time I make a purchase of omega time with money it automatically switches back into auto billing. So it’s like every time I pay for omega I must manually switch off this feature or next month it will drain money from my account even if I switched it off last time.

C’mon, Brun. This guy obviously has a point. Not only does it default to autorenew, it keeps changing the subscription period. So, if I buy a 1 year Eve subscription, but then buy a 1 month addition because of a CCP sale, CCP decides that when I auto-renew, I will auto-renew for monthly.

It is a relatively minor annoyance - but it is also pretty stupid. CCP should just give us the toggle to control it.


you do realize quantum cores isn’t taking effect until October right?
And even then, the current upwell structures (not just hisec btw) won’t have to have the cores until December, and EVEN THEN, its not game breaking, no changes that are MAJOR are happening.

I think this is a billing issue thread, not an i’m-quitting-eve thread.

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I vote with my wallet.
If I don’t like what CCP is doing and/or plan to do,
I don’t give them my money.

This ^

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Already noticed.
The solution was to plex my accounts.

(Yeah I know it’s not a solution. I write it because I agree and so I feel guilty and need to add stupid things)

they did that to me, still waiting for promised refund.

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