Auto Renewal is illegal in some states

after the recent update announcement i considered unsubbing some of my mining accounts. however, just days after the devblog post i got a “subscrition successfully renewed” notice. guess i am here for another year.
you may want to have your legal team review the auto renewal policy. in several US states it is illegal to automatically renew subscriptions without prior notification. in some states you must also renew consent (although some allow it as the default upon notification).
i would hate to see CCP products banned if anyone happens to complain

I believe you can cancel and get a refund of unused sub time. Notify support.


Sure would be a shame for the other EVE players living in those specific states.

You are notified of automated renewal when you sign up for Omega in the first place, and have the option to remove it immediately. There is even a choice marker for ‘prefer to renew manually’ when it asks why you cancelled auto-renew. It has been like this for at least the last 10 years.


Also, ccp follows Icelandic laws, not u.s.




I look forward to seeing the blockade. They have cloaked ships.

Can you cancel the autorenewal feature w/o cancelling your active Omega? How?

You can cancel at any time. The remaining omega time will continue to run until it is finished. At the end of the period it simply won’t renew and won’t bill you again.

You have to cancel every time you buy Omega time if you don’t want it to auto-renew. (no setting to disable it yet as far as I know)


That is why I like paying for Omega through Steam. I add money through my PayPal then add it to Steam and voilà, no automatic renewal or anything I don’t want to pay for. I could also buy PLEX through Steam.
I hardly ever use my credit card online, I prefer to top up my PayPal account so if there is an issue with anything I can work through PayPal to cancel the purchase even when the money has already left my account.
I only use my credit card in stores, where I can see what I get for my money.

Use PLEX activation codes?

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lmao, armchair lawyers


Plex is an alternative and does not come with auto-renewal. But the downside is it costs a bit more $ for the same amount of game time. (I’m not referring to isk for plex which is of course another option, but the discussion seems to be about RL payment)

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Thats why i made my sub using paypal, so i can go through the or use paypal to end the sub…

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Common myth.

You’re rights (at least in the U.S,) with a credit card are very strong. In fact too strong from a seller’s/vendor’s POV.

Going through a service like PayPal makes it hard for your card number to be intercepted )(I’ve had that happen, what a mess) but you don’t lose any $$.

Now with a debit card…your rights are strong too but they money is taken right out of your bank and could be several days before you get it back. Not good if you have outstanding bills pending. So I never use a debt online (and even rarely in a store).

How is that a “myth” when it’s tried and proven? :flushed:

I’m not in the U.S.

It’s a myth that a payment service like Paypal gives you more legal rights. They don’t. It’s just another layer of dispute option. The legal standing is with the bank that issued the card.

There was a time PP would suspend your account with them if you charged back a payment made through PP w/o first having gone through them for a grievance.

I never mentioned “more legal rights” in my original post.

It’s another layer of security and money back guaranteed.

When I receive a defective item paid through PayPal and want my money back, I don’t go through my bank, I go through PayPal and PayPal gets my money back.
Does the bank get involved? I wouldn’t know, that’s between my bank and PayPal.

I wouldn’t know, I always go through PayPal to get my money back on items paid through PayPal. It makes sense to me.

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hell, my friend bought a firearm with paypal and they terminated his account.