Bought Omega / Dont Want Automatic Subscription Monthly

Hi there,

I just bought a Omega pack that was on discount for 10 euro’s it included 30 days of omega and a bunch of other stuff, but when i checked my Account Management it was subscribed to pay monthly i think and i dont want that.

Now i did cancel it and it told me i will revert to Alpha Clone State on 30 June.
Is it fixed now ? will it not charge me for another month automaticly ?

Thanks in advance guys,
~ Revo

Yes, you should not be billed on that date.

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On the off chance that things don’t work correctly, or revert somehow, I’d recommend screen capping your “No subscription, Alpha Screen State on 30 June” page and set it aside. Then you’ve got backup if you need to deal with support later.

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I noticed that when you purchase omega through steam it will not roll over. when buying omega from your eve online account directly will keep your CC details and will then roll over every month, but i believe you are able to turn that off though but cannot tell you how.

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