I pay monthly subscription fee but got free time with packs

Hey so i pay the monthly omega subscription but i bought some packs and got omega time with them aswell what happens with that time will the payments not be taken until the time i got in my packs is used up?

Yeah, any additional time just gets added on to your current playtime. Don’t worry, you won’t lose it.



If you paid your subscription till December 1st.
And the pack gives you 1 month of free Omega time

Then the next time CCP will bill you for Omega is on January 1st (or roughly that as I guess their month of subscription is based on 30 days)

Your assumption is correct.

To confirm: If you log on to the Eve Online website and look at your account details it will tell you when they will take the next payment.

Yep, a one year sub is in fact 360 days.

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