How is Omega time counted?

Playing this game again for 3 weeks now, making hundreds of millions of ISK, never was so rich before :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, i am considering buying Omega.
My question is : is Omega counted in real time, (paying 15th of May, expiring 15th of June)
Or is it counted only when you play : (playing monday and sunday only counts for 2 days out of 30) ?

I do want an omega account, but in the next weeks my “vacations” are over and i wont be able to play as much anymore, so i’m afraid it wont be profitable.

Realtime… just like any other subscription based game.

Because you have skills being trained at 2x Alpha during that time, the game does not stop when you exit. Buying a month Omega gives you month whether you are playing or not.

thank you ! Just to make sure.

Also - Moon Extraction, Planetary Interaction and Manufacturing all continue while you’re offline, probably other things too.

Also, you can easily queue several years worth of skills as an omega (I think alphas only have a 24h queue?) so vacations aren’t really an issue, you just make sure you’re training long enough.

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