Omega discount -time pausing - temporary supension

Is it possible to pause Omega time??

There is a 1 year offer that ends tonight for Omega time.
I would like to buy it but I would like to pause it maybe for one month when I have university exam period for example. Is it possible??
I’m on a tight lockdown budget so it is a compelling question.

Or would it be possible to activate each one of the 12 months individually???
Maybe I want to play one month and then one off, then one on, but buying one months each time I don’t get discount, has there been any changes on the activation policies lately??


To my knowledge, CCP does not allow this.

I think one can ask CCP support to pause an account. I’m just such a nerd I never have.

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Clicking “Undo Cancel Subscription” after the Cancellation confirmation will place the account back onto the previous recurring payment cycle, resulting in a continuation of the subscription and further payments as if the subscription had not been cancelled at all.

It is unclear, I do not understand what happens if i cancel my subscription, for example I have got the 12 months, and then cancel after one month, will I lose all the other 11 month??

You do not lose what you pay for. All it does it enable/disable autobilling.

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I was suspecting it was just about automatic payment. Ty for clarifying my doubts.
But has anyone asked devs about suspending before?

Give it a shot, let us know

I opened a ticket redirecting at this thread. Let see.

I don’t think so, but the 1y omega is pretty discounted so if you are even thinking about it it’s probably worth it. Load up your skill queue and do your exams.


This. Level V skills are great for when you have to take some time off.

the skill qeue is what 50? drop 50 skills in and go do your thing.

Write ticket. GM will suspend your omega. I did that few times.

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I don’t know if it’s a good idea, maybe I should just stick to what is there.
In the end of one month I know I will get back on paperwork, If I got 11 to go…
oh zip it!

It’s risk free. I did that before. So I completely don’t get why you think that this is bad idea. You don’t play, you pause omega, you want to get back, you write another ticket to resume it. There is no point in wasting your RL money unless you care only about SP.

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