Omega pause function

I think it’s time ccp adds a pause function in account management for omega accounts to stop the subscription when stuff like this happen.

I’d rather not see people leaving Omega accounts on “pause” until they need it for just a couple of hours for lighting cynos and moving caps.


… and claiming log-in rewards.


Write ticket and GM will pause your omega.


Theirs nothing wrong with that, if they bring caps out into npc null-sec/low-sec more content, means you women will have to start undocking.
If your alliance/corporations can’t defend then you should be kicked out of the region/system.

lol log-in rewards are a joke and this coming from a Code. player…

Praise James \o/

Xeux why are you even here, you bottom feeders don’t even need omega with your suicide ganking


Because you whiney carebears are everywhere.

You refer to “stuff like this” - what are you even talking about?

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lol yeh you are the high-sec carebears

You should check out Animal Crossing - it is a fun game where you plant flowers, craft things for your house, and interact with the NPC villagers on your island. Interacting with other players is entirely optional.

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If that’s what you’re in to then you should go

But first we need to pause our Omega accounts, right?

If theres an Issues with eve then yes but i’m not going to play another game with the bottom feeder of new eden.

Valid point.

Sounds like real-life suburbia gardening.

Both of these are valid points.

If this feature were to be implemented via portal so ticket isn’t required (since GMs would take 3 months to respond to it :rofl:) , there should be a deactivation/reactivation delay to prevent the concerns Scoot’s addressed. Something like 24h deactivation and 24h reactivation. That way if you’re constantly doing this just to light Cynos, you’re burning 2 days of being able to use Omega just to light a Cyno, which is a hefty price.

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What would this do to your skill queue? Would you continue training at Omega speed or at Alpha speed? What if you are over the Alpha cap? What about if you are in space in a ship only Omegas can fly?

Same “Alpha” rules as they currently exist: if you are under 5m SP you would continue training at Alpha speed. If you are over 5m SP you would stop all training; however, if you are under 20m SP you could use Daily Alpha Injectors toward the 20m SP since you’d be in Alpha state. Above 20m SP you’re restricted to regular injectors and cerebral accelerators (which you could also use as Alpha).

The real question is: what would be the specific activation/deactivation delays, and would there be a delay between when you can do this again? These are the parameters that would need to be calibrated to be 1. reasonable to players 2. a deterrent to those looking to exploit them (ie. punish one-off players by burning their Omega time), and 3. preventing high-frequency pause/unpauses (which would permit high rate of exploitation and also not be profitable for CCP).

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