Cryo Stasis mode Please

Since CCP is cheating at their own game can we have Cryo-Stasis Mode to suspend Omega time
Added to the Eve Portal. Add an option to suspend Omega then you can break eve all you want. Eve would have a lot less negative impact on my personal life.
6 days 14 days 30 days 90 days and 365 days. The feature could have a message feedback to let players that message me see when i plan to return.
I could use this for vacation work sickness family emergency / protest broken game features or updates that affected my content greatly. to wait for incomplete content to finish or get fixed. PC issues info structure collapse.

Many things about paying for omega time give me anxiety. paying for more than 30 days at a time is hard when i don’t know what I’m doing for the next 6 months let alone when i have no idea what you could pull in the next 6 weeks.
I just think its good on many levels and with Covid cases spiking and what is being effected. Cryo-stasis could offer players real flexibility in unprecedented times.
I no longer desire to pay to test a grief platform. Cryo stasus my account and put me on approach to Caroline Star. Ill be back if you Finish breaking eve and start Fixing it.

Yes please!
I would need exactly 10 9 days to get the bar full, but my omega * 3 expires today.
But if i extend by one month it will be exactly the same problem next month. :sob:

Alternatively CCPlease redeem the points every day. :nerd_face:

They will never implement such a thing. It’s in their best financial interest to bill you monthly whether you log in or not.

I would say not if we all stand together and ask for it.
But we know what kind of developers we are working with. drunk trolls grief mongers and extortionists.
They can’t do anything to enforce anti cheats and anti botters.
but when Goonswarm looses 2 trillion isk they will find a way to balance the isk. and undermine the community allied against them.
CCP pets got their house blown in now Daddy CCP gonna punish everyone for them.

Yes. write ticket and GM will suspend your omega.

CCP don’t even refund the omega time when they cripple the servers so hard that some people can’t access the service they payed for for weeks. So good luck OP, but this has basically zero chance.


You can file a ticket and ask them to suspend your time.
Why would you first make a post anyway?

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Because this is a quintessential Karen post.

“I am unsatisfied with the service I have received - I demand to speak with the manager.”

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Just buy it a month at a time?

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