Just out of the freezer

… going right back in looks like the only option.

omega clones?!

f that.

You aren’t really explaining things all that well. What is your particular problem or issue?

Eve is a subscription based game. Omega clones are that subscription. Alphais a limited access only. Such is life.


If I have this right, you just walked into a restaurant offering to treat you to a free meal and walked straight out again because you wanted one of the meals that is not included in the free offer, that other people are eating, that they paid for.

‘I don’t want your free crap, I want everything free, even that stuff over there that the other people are paying for!’

Well how rude.


I wonder how clearly CCP communicates to potential new players that it is a subscription-based game with a restricted F2P model. If that isn’t made abundantly clear I could see many potential players being turned off by what they, not knowing any better, see as a “freemium” F2P game at first glance.

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Indeed. To be honest this is an issue. More and more new players arrive in Rookie Help chat every month seemingly under the impression that the game is completely free to play.

The existence of the paid Omega state comes as a complete surprise to them. Suddenly discovering a 2 tier system like that when they have just started doesn’t go down very well I can tell you, perhaps understandably.

Because it is news to them, and they entered the game believing it was free, they tend to get quite belligerent at the thought of paying for content. The usual first comment is ‘I didn’t realize this game is pay 2 win’.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve typed out a little dialogue about paid subscriptions for MMOs existing since the 1990’s and how completely normal that is, and how lucky they are. Sometimes that helps, sometimes not.

Does make you wonder if perhaps the game is being pitched in the wrong way and if that is doing more harm than good.



Gotta luv it right?? Like Microsoft packaging the exact same software in each box, but you have to pay more to unlock the upper tiers… Should be binary, you pay you play. You don’t you won’t.

Also the 2x skilling was a lie. All they did was throttle back the Alpha speed which they sold as being the normal skill speed… then they added a hard cap ~5 Million… now 20 Million. Can’t wait for it to be 50 Million, then maybe it would be worth it.

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I love it when kids complain about paying to play a game that has CONTINUAL support and FREE expansions EVERY year. Constant communication to and from the developers, and bug fixes, patches, and improvements EVERY month.

What you want all of that for free… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Grow up.

God I can remember when you used to have to pay HOURLY to play an online game.

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You mean if CCP is untruthful or omitting relevant details when they advertise? Nah…CCP? Unethical? Never.

Like how? They say clearly what the restrictions are as an Alpha clone, and what the benefits are as an Omega. If you dont read then that is on you.

I’ve seen at least one trailer that says the game is free and doesn’t say a word about any of the rest of the deal.

Not saying that’s an excuse. Personally I looked everything up before I installed the game so that I knew exactly what to expect, but not everyone does that.

You can say the responsibility is 100% on the player, but if it’s being marketed as free then that does cause an issue, as evidenced by the OP and the many oblivious people that turn up every month in Rookie Help.

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Millennials eh! So entitled lol.


This is exactly the case. Sorry but as a consumer/player, you should be informed on anything before you play or buy it.

You dont go to a dealership and just buy the first car you see, you research it, see if it is what you want or need. Why should anything else in your life be any different, even a mundane little purchase like a game. Figure you spend 16bucks a month on Eve, that comes out to about 192 dollars a year. Nearly 2k over 10 years. While it doesnt seem like much, how many people here, buy and play other games? I can look at some peoples Steam accounts and see 300+ products on there. Of which they have an hour or two of play at most.

Even if they paid 10 dollars a game at 300 games that is still 3k in games, not including any DLC, Subs, or other add-ons they paid for. In some cases people have spent more on games in Steam than their car is worth… And yet they have the nerve to complain about not reading the fine print on the games they buy.

It is not on CCP to hold the consumers hand in their purchase decision. CCP is here to make money and produce a product, they have bills too.

I guess, but then again, that’s not how the world works.

Should and shouldn’t doesn’t really come into it. I know the should and shouldn’t in this situation. I did the should part.

However facing the reality of what the human beings who exist on this planet and purchase games actually do is more relevant than preaching should and shouldn’t which doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

People shouldn’t cut the tusks off elephants. People shouldn’t go on killing sprees in American high schools with automatic rifles.

No, but if they advertise something as free when it isn’t that’s more than just failing to hand hold. It could be deemed as deliberately misleading.

You should be aware of course these points need to be addressed to the great unwashed ‘they’ rather than to me, because I did my research. What doesn’t change no matter how much you say it’s all ‘their’ fault is that it’s happening all the time, again, evidenced by this post and the people I see weekly in-game.

It’s all very well to say ‘well they should …’ or to just blame them, but how does that improve the situation? And there is a situation, and it does need to improve.

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It is free. You dont have to buy the game to download it or play it. I have an alpha account that I use every now and then for mining in high sec. It is viable, not great but viable. You can play that way.

No where is their anything FORCING you to pay for the game. Sure there is a skill cap for Alpha clones, but that takes months to get to if you skill EVERY day. If anything the game is more pay to win, than anything else.

But it is still VERY free to play. I remember 10 years ago when I created this character, it was about 20bucks a month, there was free trial periods of about 2-4 weeks at most once a year. And if you didnt pay your account was frozen, including your skill training.

Again as a company CCP can not expend resources to account for every moron with a credit card in the world, trying to find ways to waste their income.

Yeah, I think you have forgotten you don’t need to tell me these things, and that the issue is the OP and the other people who repeatedly enter the game believing it to be entirely free. In other words topic.

You are getting sidetracked trying to tell me things I already know instead of talking about how the situation gets better.

Again (and I am not hopeful you will do anything else if you reply again) just pointing at them and going ‘lol dumb’ doesn’t solve anything.

These people exist, they are out there, they see adverts that say free, they buy games, they believe they are free, they find out they are not and get angry and … oh look … this thread.

If there’s an issue causing that, wouldn’t it be better to fix it? I’d imagine CCP would rather fix it than take a ‘lol dumb / should have’ stance.

I am probably wasting my time, I can see already see what’s coming next … ‘we don’t want morons in our game anyway lol’ … I know I know.

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Actually I wasnt going to say that. And you are right, there is a better way they could advertise things. But what draws in the masses, the truth or pretty cut scenes and dialog?

Well there it gets complicated indeed.

Rock and a hard place. Do you mislead a little and get more people in but risk losing people when reality bites, or do you get less people in that stay because they knew what they were getting. Which works best?

I guess we’d need official retention figures to have any idea, and even then the why of it all would be speculation at best.

Oh well … something to ponder I guess … :thinking:

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Oh look, a drive-by tantrum post.

Welcome to capitalism, OP. Here in the real world, you usually have to pay to benefit from the skill, effort, and creativity of other human beings. CCP generously allow you to benefit from quite a lot of their’s for free.

Whether you take it or leave it, pretending there’s something sinister afoot and that CCP need to advertise better or some such is utter nonsense. The real problem is people expecting developers to provide them entertainment without having to pay for it. Honestly, if you look into any product expecting it to be free, your expectations are already too high.

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Yet people do this. You just said so. Also OP / topic.

Merely identifying what they shouldn’t do doesn’t stop them doing it. So what do you do if the world is full of people that do what you think they shouldn’t?

Passively identify the issue and then just sorta leave it alone and hope it goes away?

Or just decide that because it shouldn’t be an issue, it isn’t one?

Personally I’d rather take a more pro-active approach, were I in a position to do so.

Not trying to. Just pointing out the actual problem. People eat tide pods as well, despite being covered in warning labels. I guess advertising is the problem there as well?

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