Players don't understands Eve is a Free Game... why?

I have friends which i tried to convince to play Eve, but refused bc it was a sub game.
Now there is Alpha, from 6? 7? Years? But Many players still feel like Eve is not free.

I Remember years ago there were special offers for Eve on Steam.
Has any offer surfaced on Steam lately?

I think Eve should give something more than just Alpha to new players, to get in the game.
Some free PLex to start with some extra cash, for free, it would be a good beginning…

Or a Special Offer of 1 ONE Euro and you get a special bundle with ships, plex, etc…
New Players needs to grasp Eve is ALSO a free game.
That’s the only way to increase player base.
Alpha content is absolutely essential to promote the Eve Universe.

Don’t mind if the Sub is now 15… oops… 20 Eur…
We need special offer for Alpha players, and a minimal
investment in Steam adv might be good as well…

Why ppl do not get Eve is also a Free game??
That is a good question…
Eve has been out for so many years it is still perceived as a sub to play game…

Lots of people will start alt accounts for the free plex transfer it to their main then delete the alt and make another repeat unfortunately,

Same with the 1 euro people will make the alt take the deal delete until the market balances out and that deal is not worth it anymore but the market is now stuffed because of it :/.


I would just make a bot that does this, and put it on a server farm and have a thousand virtual machines run 24/7 to generate these freebies.


So, not only is it free, you also want other perks on top of that? No thanks.

As has been pointed out by others, Alphas cannot be given anything with a monetary value, whether it’s Euros or ISK. Everyone and their dog would make 1,000 free Alpha accounts and transfer it over to their main Omega toons.

Long story short, Alphas are why we can’t have nice things. They should have never done away with the 14-day trial.


Makes no difference if they just dont give them anything free. They are totally fine as they are.

Oooff… I completely skipped that point…
Alphas can already make a lot of isks in Abyss, something
wasn’t there in the Omega days, but still
the perception seems to be that…
Ppl thinks warthunder when about thinking for free, fast pvp massive online
gaming, and not Eve…

Idk, maybe it should be pushed something like joining immediately some faction warfare stuff?
Special Hulls not transferable bc of a faction corp or something… new ideas in short…

I’d say that right now … a round of “fixing the stupid” in the game would lead to an upsurge in omega status or at least stop the bleeding :rofl:

It’s a matter of advertizing and marketing correctly, and honestly. It’s in my opinion not a matter of making an already over-generous demo (alpha) even more generous as you suggest.


Alpha is far too limited. It is still a sub game.

And playing with only one Toon Shudders

Nothing is free you idiot.
It ain’t a free game. Its a very expensive game with a marketing feature to hook new players and keep old ones returning. It’s a very very common marketing tactic and while they claim it’s free. It is in no way the case for the vast majority of the players.

You should probably go back to school and study business and economics.


You can’t do so much with alphas if they just leave the game after 1-2 weeks. So called NPE is a piece of ■■■■, made by people who never played EVE, just like career agent missions, the other pile of ■■■■. And after these, players will know how to jump a stargate, and literally that’s all, they still have no clue about pvp, market, making a bookmark in space, making safe spots, avoid gate camps, difference between security systems, clue about how timers work, clue about how to use D-scan and P-scan, clue about how to set up and modify overview, etcetc. ■■■■ NPE they making for years and years now is not useful for anything, just for new player not leaving the game in the first 2 days, but after 1-2 week.

Yes because 2 week players need to know all about PVP details and know intricate details on how to avoid gatecamps. Totally realistic.

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That’s because it is and always has been a sub to play game. It just has a demo mode with no time limit. Just as WoW isn’t ‘free’ because you can play a limited part of the game up to level 20.

Alphas don’t need free stuff, for a demo mode they have everything they need to decide if EVE is worth paying for. They could certainly use better paid offers - the first two offers a new player gets are:

  • $6.99 for 3 Alpha Injectors and 110 Plex (worth approx. $7.20)
  • $6.99 for 7 days Omega and 10 Plex (worth approx. $5.50)

As usual, CCP is so convinced they’ve got a high-end premium product (like $1,000 designer jeans) that even their ‘sales’ and ‘discounts’ are becoming rip-offs.

CCP needs to pull their heads out of their behinds and realize that when you’re bleeding massive player loss and your customers have largely lost faith in your ability to improve the game, you don’t double down on your stupid and raise prices.

You add features, advertise changes, lure back previous players and offer some sales. But Hilmar’s been out of touch with reality for so long he probably thinks raising prices will “prove that EVE is still a popular premium service”.

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You just can’t stop whining in every post you make, can you.


Look, I get it, you’re tired and grumpy and you don’t have anything meaningful to say, so instead of adding something relevant to the thread you just post your 500th sarcastic “you’re stupid” reply.

I bet that if you weren’t so lazy that you, yes even you, could come up with something useful to say. Maybe toss in a fact or a relevant link to spice it up, so it’s not just your opinion.

I’d make more positive posts if CCP did more positive things. I’ve posted publicly on forums here that I think the move to Alpha was good, Triglavian invasion had more positive than negative about it, and the effort they’re putting into AIR NPE looks good though unfinished. Also that Orcs and Rorqs needed to be toned down so that was a good step, and Citadels were okay with some flaws.

Possibly a couple other things, but really for ‘new’ positive things to say about CCP, that’s all I’ve got since literally around 2013.

For new stuff, that is. EVE is still an interesting game, it’s still decent for new players to get into, I don’t tell folks “don’t play EVE it’s bad”. Other than that virtually everything good about EVE was put in over a decade ago. If 90% of my posts are critiques that’s on CCP, not me.

That said, at least I try to make my critiques specific, with some notion as to what’s broken or what could be done better.

You should try it sometime. Sure it takes more effort than simple misanthropy but who knows, it might pay off.


You can learn it in an hour.

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Eve is not a free game. Most ships and skills are out bounds for Alpha players.

In short, players need to subscribe to play EVE to any meaningful degree. Not only that they need to have multiple subscriptions if they want to experience everything EVE has to offer. You cannot realistically have “one toon fits all” and that is a fact. Without insane monetary and time investment into a single toon of course. Still cannot be in two places at once.

The time investment to understand and learn the mechanics of EVE takes years and serious time investment. Add up all these factors and EVE becomes a second career that on rare occasions happens to be fun. CCP overestimates the appeal of their extemely dated point and click gank simulator.

Back in the day EVE was “best in slot” for a space sim. I think I used to pay 4 x £8 a month for 4 toons doing various jobs and was in a position to intest 12 hours a day because work allowed gaming while nothing was going on.

The main take away for me is this, in the current economic climate can you see EVE lasting another 5 years with its current business model? If I was a new player I would be unwilling to invest the time never mind the money to get into a dead game.

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Eve free to play is essentially the trial extended.
Alphas can fly up to battleships as well as pirate/faction ships and have up to 20* mil sp that is useable.

You cannot train omega paid skills while an alpha. If you do not have all alpha skills trained you can still inject those skillpoints

After 5 mil sp, injectors are necessary for skills to increase.

So yes, this is the main takeaway. Alpha play is actually quite a good option to add to EVE, and it has gotten CCP from the major slumps of 2016 through the sale of the company and up to the present day. Now we’re at the point where CCP’s repeated incompetence and astonishing ignorance of the gaming market and their own player base is driving subbed players and even Alphas away.

Will EVE still be here in 5 years? I would say around 80% chance. That decision is no longer up to CCP or the player base - it’s in the hands of a Korean firm that can do it any time they need a writeoff on their tax books. (Check the NCSoft - City of Heroes closing of a profitable IP for example, where they wouldn’t even let the developers buy out the IP and license.)

CCP’s truly terrible management of the EVE IP has already pushed them to the wall once and forced the sale of the company to a much larger developer. Their next massive failure could well result in PA simply shutting EVE down while retaining some rights (especially to the China market).

If that doesn’t happen then with current trends, in 5 years CCP will have laid off most personnel, spent the EVE money on 2 more failed projects, and will simply be maintaining the servers for another few years after that.

Or, perhaps, maybe, a miracle will happen - like Hilmar gets ‘retired’ and someone with more brains than ego gets hired to replace him. Then maybe, just maybe, CCP can turn the Titanic around before it hits the iceberg. One can always hope.


Phone subscription - No alts. The alts are killing the beauty of the game.

They are bleeding 15million USD per month in operating loss keeping servers up now…