Alfa and Omega accaunt

I think Omega users after the expiration have permission to manage ships for which they have skills.
I also think it would be possible to allow players of alpha accaunta to play with MINING BARGE and INDUSTRIAL COMMAND SHIP
The Venture is very bad for mining!
I think you allow players to earn money for omega account from the game. ie they can collect the ISK for PLEX

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I am resisting the urge to write this off as yet another “GIVE ME MORE FREE STUFF!!!” thread, so let me turn it around.

What exactly do you think is worth paying for in EVE that CCP should use to get people to subscribe? What, specifically, would get you to open your wallet to pay for the game and allow CCP to pay the developers?


This will not reduce the payment of the game. Just to increase the number of players who are unable to pay a monthly subscription

Of course it will reduce payment.

If an alpha keeps the skills they gain during omega status, why would anybody continue to subscribe after they train their skills to where they are satisfied?

If there are no incentives to go to Omega (such as the ones that you have said that you want- but cannot get unless you subscribe) to get people to pay, what should people be paying for?

So, I’ll ask again- what specifically would get you to pay for the game to keep the developers employed and the servers online?


What a fantastic idea, those of us that have been playing for years would be able to fly all the stuff that we have skills for and never pay CCP another penny.

Are you trying to make CCP bankrupt?

I also think it would be possible to allow players of alpha accaunta to play with MINING BARGE and INDUSTRIAL COMMAND SHIP
The Venture is very bad for mining!

Pay for a sub, alphas are currently restricted from using the exhumers and barges for good reasons, mostly economic in nature.

I think you allow players to earn money for omega account from the game. ie they can collect the ISK for PLEX

Good News, this is already the case.


Would you like to go back to a mining Navitas?

The Venture is actually pretty good for a mining frigate.

–Gadget fondly remembers ‘Guppy’.


Eve Online is not a Free-to-Play game, nor is it a Pay-to-Win Game.

Eve Online is a premium (ha) subscription based game with a limited Free-to-Play option.

Important words highlighted for you.

Please @CCP_Falcon @CCP_Guard for the love of Bob can you get the marketing department on side, these F2P threads are turning up every damn day and it could so easily be avoided


omega also enables the management and learning of all skills for all types of ships. I do not say that all the skills should be retained, but if someone has already used omega to allow him to play with some ships such as MINING BARGE and INDUSTRIAL KOMAND SHIP

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Noted, and I respectfully disagree.

But what does this have to do with your claim that the Venture is “bad for mining”?

Or did you not mean to reply directly to me?

–Slightly confused Gadget

I’m sorry I did not answer that question. Venture is bad because it has a small cargo space and you can not make some profit with that boat

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Oh is it now? Well, then how about you man up and pay for the subscription? Like the rest of us do and have done for up to 15 years? Don’t have any money for a subscription game? Tough luck, your problem. CCP doesn’t operate a charity service.


So. Much. This.

I understand and embrace the Alpha concept and strategy. However, when it was rolled out, it was presented as an “extended trial” that allowed people to take their time, get familiar with the game in ways the 14-day trial simply couldn’t do, with the option of continuing on in a limited fashion. Great! Get more people in the door, give them a deeper taste of the game, and try to convert them into subscribers.

Unfortunately, the way this is being presented now very much skews the impression of EVE as a freemium game where people pay to win. This is building unrealistic expectations in the Alphas who, somewhat correctly, feel misled when they run into the limitations. This is all about expectation management, and the current approach is failing.

Here are two messages:

“Look at all this amazing stuff you can do! If you want to get a taste, you can do that for free as long as you want.”


“Look at all this amazing stuff you can do! But if you want to do all of it, pay us.”

A subtle difference, but a totally different expectation. One promotes Alpha as a benefit, the other describes Omega as a penalty. When people expect to pay, getting something for free is a bonus. But when they expect something for free, everything that needs to be paid for is seen as a cash-grab.

This message really needs to be fixed IMHO.


That’s a problem with mining in general. It requires so little attention that it’s easily automated, hence mostly done by bots, or players that are doing who-knows-what while they’re mining. If you want to earn any remotely useful amount of ISK, do not mine.

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Venture’s are effectively “free”.
You are actually given one for just starting, and can earn two more at every set of career agents (and there are 12 sets).
It also has the largest carrying capacity for ore you can fit on a frigate.

What are you comparing the Venture against? Other barges, sure it loses out - piloting a barge is a priviledge for paying members - be one if you want one. If comparing to other frigates, I’m afraid it’s at the top of the mining pack there.

My Omega accounts still use Ventures from time to time when I don’t want to lug a barge across known space (or the risks of losing the barge are high).

I think you’re being greedy. Apparently “greed is good” is still appropriate in EvE, especially since Jita just got done burning, so I’m not going to attack your wishes, but maybe you should give the li’l Venture a chance.

–Gadget doesn’t mind this status quo


Linus Gorp
I understand everything, but I love mining in the fleet

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Then the question is, do you love it enough to pay a subscription for it?


I say I like the game, but I can not play it if I do not pay for a month in the game
I think this is a huge limitation and therefore I can not understand the game as a free game!
I can pay a month, but I can not pay every month!
nasty way of raising subscribers!
I can not pay a subscription because I do not know if I will have the next month to pay!
and if I can not pay the next month, I lose everything I have.

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That is because it is not a free game.

EVE is a subscription-based game that has a limited free mode that was originally intended as an extended demo, not a complete experience.

I am sympathetic to how you feel and understand why you feel this way, but please also understand the points that I and others are making here.

EVE is not free.

There is a limited version of the game that is free. What Alphas are playing is essentially an extended and limited trial version of the game.

Extending the things that you as asking for to all players for free will have a disastrous impact on the game that has been supported by paying players for 15 years. Everything from the financial stability of CCP to the in-game economy would be impacted very badly.

Also, for the record, you will not lose everything if you do not subscribe for a month. The next time you subscribe, all of your skills and items that you had when you were last in Omega status will be waiting for you.


Uh… no, you don’t.

Your stuff sits there until you return…and if it’s Alpha usable, you can go on continuing to use it.

The subscription is generally a manageable amount for those that work.
The game used to be fully subscription run.
And there are ways to meet the subscription in game should you find a way to do so.

I don’t understand the problem. If it’s time, then that’s fine, either leave the sub running (and get some SP while away), or revert back to Alpha while you take a break.

Also, if there were no barriers, who would pay at all? And if no one is paying, how long would the game last?

If you can’t afford the Omega due to cash or time, then stay Alpha and do what you can. If it’s cash only, then find something more lucrative to do to earn the Omega status, and then return to mining ops.

There are many ways to fix whatever is ailing you.

–Gadget suggests her patented Snake Oil


I agree with you that the game is maintained by subscription, i.e. Omega
but I also say that players in Alpha are not allowed to raise ISK for Omega