What is the future of this game

Its a very cool game , offering real time galaxy gameplay .
Yet , all and all feels like game player base is significantly lowering , peak around 4k to 5k in steam

I would say , the Omega payment method really holds people back from playing the game .

After all what’s the point of playing the “free” game when you can only “own” the real gameplay for a certain period of time and need to pay it again . Payment method like this really hurt the player base and is unhealthy .

I am willing to buy off a permanent omega but would not buy it just to buy it again .

Some say its to pay for the server loads but I don’t really agrees , after all “free” player can still running and gunning in this game so there’s is nothing to decrease from there ain’t it .

And then as a new player , I really don’t know what this world is about , what’s the difference between faction . I would really like to contribute in faction conflict and all but I have no idea how to do so .

Will there be any more clear mechanic to explain or expand on the idea of faction conflict ?

For example , as an miner , what do I contribute to my faction as a better miner , like would there be any fun mechanic about it ?

Well, there’s servers which need maintenance and staff who needs money every single month. How do you think this works without payment? The Alpha account actually is trial - and content. But if everyone could play for free, either there won’t be a server for long time, or your data pay for you including adverts and pay traps.
This way all upgrades are included. In other games, you have to buy expansions and upgrades individually.


Yeah, I’m not too thrilled about how player expectations concerning monetization have been changing over time. More and more people are wanting “free” games nowaday. Well, I got news for you guys, there’s always a cost, one way or the other. Data mining, ads, P2W, loot boxes, intentional pain points designed to encourage microtransactions, cosmetics, subs -pick your poison. Not to mention that if you got rid of the sub, it would cause major botting and economic issues.

Honestly, I’d much rather keep paying subs than have to deal with the monetization methods of 95% of free to play games.


I’m not even talking about free only .
I’m talking about buy once and free then .
Besides , as I mentioned , game already afford free players , so it never make sense to use server loads as a reason to implement monthly subscription .
I would say free trial + buy once free then method is better than free + monthly fee .

Also , still wonder what a miner contribute in faction warfare . Like does it even matter to be a better miner ?

Thing is , the fact that you need to continue paying the monthly fee for eternity would stop many players from actually paying in the first place , loosing many potential customer .

Neverminded guys , even I bought the miner offers , that gives you 30 days omega with a retriever for 14.99 USD ,

I instantly uninstall this game , From what I see , this game only serves those who can afford for server money . Big sigh , I’m not a rich guy that can pay 70 dollars per month so the ship I bought simply can be used . Like I own the ship but i can’t use it because I didn’t pay ? this is disgusting .

I pay more money on free game than this one , world of warship , warthunder ,
Those are the game that are free to play and you buy item once , use it forever .

Just big sigh .

This is depressing , I am disappointed to my way on managing the financial .


The sub fee for ever has been $14.95 a month, cheaper if you sub a whole year. Now its only $20 per month.

There is no obligation to pay anymore than that to be able to mine. Once you start earning ISK in game, you can start affording more retrievers or whatever ship you wanna fly. But regardless what i or anyone else says you are gonna talk smack about a game that has been a subscription game since inception and insist that it shouldnt be. Well if it shouldnt be subscription, then no more updates, no bug fixes and eventually the server will die since no money will flow in.

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70 dollar in my country , 14 USD in america
Plus you can buy as much retriever as you want but if you can’t fly it ,
Whats the purpose ?

Again , the fact that the ship you own must be pay in real money to drive is beyond my understanding .
Thats what I called obligation . Sure no law force you buy it , but it sure is not a cheap affordable pay model .

Games like world of warship , warthunder has pay model that allow you to permanently buy item and use it for free .
Not like this monthly fee license non sense , you actually own and can use it .
And those game update and bug fix fine , what do you even mean no more update and bug fix if we taken away the monthly fee non sense .

Its an excuse really ,
Also such model wont attract players and eventually the bad cycle continue .

For the 20 yrs eve has been a subscription based game. In 2016 they released an extended play version of the trial which was 2 weeks. After that trial you had to pay monthly to play eve.

You cannot compare eve to world of warships.

In warships you are stuck in low tier without buying ships etc with real money

In eve, you earn the money by mining, piracy, scamming, killing npcs etc. With that money you can buy other ships while only paying for the sub. Even as a free player, there is zero obligation to spend real money to buy a ship or do activities in the game

I am apart of an organization that raises npc standings for others. We farm free accounts to run the sisters of eve epic arc. We get the skills needed and ships we need for those accounts without paying a dime and we make several millions in ISK by the money we get paid for the work we do.

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Im talking about the pay model , Of cause i can compare it , those are just an example of an alternative pay model .

you can grind your way to top tier in world of warship , warthunder ,
Paid or not paid . It just the time that cost you .

But in this game , content is obviously blocked with a monthly subscription , you can only “rent” omega ship with omega status , that’s the issue and the reason this game is dropping in players number ,

If anything earning ISK is the least I concern , the problem is ship blocked behind omega status , thats what Im not understanding , complete non sense to me , I can’t fly a ship that I earned ? yikes .

I read about the project and money they wasted on , Im in shock they have that much of money to waste , Now i know why ,

Okay, I can understand not wanting to pay a sub because of an unfavorable exchange rate. But, you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you want to pay with time, you can, and there are already tons of guides out there explaining how alphas can make enough isk to plex their accounts. So, if that’s what you want to do, I suggest you stop complaining, and figure out a plan.


Steam is only a part of the players some log in directly. Also if you don’t like the subscription play for free as alpha for a bit see if you enjoy the game then make isk and buy months with in-game money.

Google how to do abyss in a worm as alpha and you can make 100mil an hour that’s 15 hours for 1 month


Have you even read my words ? ISK is not my concern .
What I’m not ok with is ship blocked behind OMEGA , you can’t play ship without sub even you own the ship .
Since it reduce company income by simply lowering the player base . Which , in an MMORPG game , player base means everything .

I don’t care about ISK , I can make them no problem , my problem is ship locked behind OMEGA status , that btw you already owned and just can’t fly because you didn’t rent the status .

What you have to know about eve is it is still a subscription game, omega is how it is played.
Alpha is a demo account or trail to see what the game is like before you play, it is not meant to be play for 10 years as an alpha as its not a free to play game its a free to try game.

Which means you comparing it to free to play games is wrong, you need to compare it to subscription games.

Eve is awesome enough to give us the option of paying for that subscription with in-game money. For those that are good at the game and prefer it to paying in rl.

It’s like going to the gym and getting 3 free days and on the 4th day saying but I sat on this machine it has my sweat why can’t I gym without paying now?

Eve needs to change their advertising from free to play to free to try so people don’t misunderstand like yourself.

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I am comparing free to play game and subscription game model .
Finding the advantage and disadvantage between 2 .
This game should not be in subscription game model .
Its an out date pay model and should be dead with world of warcraft .

Be careful what you wish for thou:

What would happen if Eve became free with no subscription:

Everyone would have 10-20 account’s farming everything which means everyone would have to spend lot’s of hours farming things that give very little reward for a single account. This means if you don’t at least play 4 to 5 hours a day while multiboxing 10 accounts you would not get anywhere.

Also Eve would need to find a way to monetize things more so we would have a permanent advert on our screen showing us Buy this lawnmower buy this TV, Netflix is waiting for you. Or we would get lot’s of skin advertising for ships and stuff all over our screen.

Go and play an mmo called 9 dragon’s and tell me what you feel about adverts on your screen.

Also you have to remember that CCP is a lot bigger company than those other free to play games who have maybe 10 devs? compared to 150 devs so the income needed would be a lot higher to not only pay salaries but also their overlords.

Also eve online is a niche game so they can’t rely on millions of people playing the game like dota 2 or something.


150 devs and the game looks almost the same for past few years .
This company and the game desperately need a change .
Dealing with multi boxing and all should instead be the devs job . Its problem and you deal with it . Work around only proves your incompetence .
There are cheating and all in FPS game , so no FPS game ?
eve online is not a niche game , its only a niche game when you only serve the rich people that can pay 17 usd per months .

If eve had a first person shooter inside the eve universe that connect’s to the game that we play now and you can cross between the 2 games seemlessly and was able to bring in a much wider audience then I would agree some type of free to play model would work but eve is many years away from that.

They could have done it already but they decided to make dust play station -_- which is pretty short sighted, when all their loyal customers are pc.