So... is this free now? What's "Game time" aka Omega time?

I first started to play EVE several years ago for a relatively short time and now I’m thinking about coming back for good, maybe deleting the old account starting from scratch so I go to the EVE site and maybe I’m misremembering things, but… wasn’t this a subscription-based game? Is it free now?

I mean, it says “play for free”, but then there’s some “Omega time” which looks like it’s just some optional “pay to win” booster pack where you “train faster” etc. but in the menu at the top it’s also called “game time” so… is it not a booster pack, but the actual subscription like it used to be back when I first played it (which was 2013, time flies)? Then there’s PLEX which has “adds Omega time” mentioned as one of the perks (?).

I’ve only been away for 6 years and I don’t remember any of this :thinking:

Omega is the new name for the classic subscription existing since beginning of EvE. Alpha is the new trial account, but unlimited in time, and actual playable to some degree.

So as soon as you pay something, you get Omega or “normal” account, like before.

A-ha! Got it. Thanks for clarifying, all clear now :slight_smile:

you can also sell your old character if there is good amount of SP in it, so dont just go deleting it.

That would be a waste.

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