How long do my skills keep training for if I don't log back in for a long period of time?

I read somewhere that queued skills stop training if I don’t log back in for a long time, could someone tell me the timer for this so I’m aware how often I should check back once in a while to let my skills continue training for? If I have Omega is it any different or would I still have to log back in then as well?

Omega has no time limit, just skill count limit. 50 if I remember correctly.

Alpha is 24 hours limit but I stand to be corrected since I don’t have any Alpha accounts.

so let’s say I queue up 30 days worth of skills, then I can just log back in 30 days just once and everything will be completed?

Yes… but only if your an Omega in that case.

Also… what are you trying to achieve by just not playing and just skilling?

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I guess the feature where if you don’t log in for a while the skills stop training is from before Eve became free to play in 2016?

just curious about the game. I probably won’t log off for that long, your right.


I just asked because some people have this delusion that if they skill first perfectly before doing something they automatically become good at it. And then wonder why a frigate popped their perfectly skilled battleship toon and rage.


icic, haha, I still got a long way to go. Just learned about skill points so was curious about the mechanics, I get nosey.

As an Alpha you have a 24 hour skill list. The only saving grace there is that as long as a skill starts in that 24 hour window, it doesn’t matter how far beyond the 24 hours it extends before it completes.

So you could queue up a 22 day skill in the last bit of your 24 hour queue allowance, with a 4 hour and an 8 hour before it, and the 22 day skill would continue to train until completed.

You wouldn’t be able to queue up 30 days worth of skills unless you can find an actual 30 day skill. Anything that takes you over the 24 hour mark will prevent more skills being added, but as above, if the skill that takes you over the 24 hour mark is a 22 day skill then it will complete. You can’t then add another 8 day skill to hit 30 days because the 22 day skill filled your queue already.

Hope that makes sense.

Hello, you can use

and train your skills for Omega and alpha without loging in.

You can use eve mon too, to check some more than just skill training

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Just to clarify, your skill queue won’t just stop on it’s own if you haven’t logged in. There are limits to what you can put in the skill queue depending on whether you’re alpha or omega, and the skill queue will stop if you have over 5mil SP and your omega subscription expires.

Omega -50 skill limit
Alpha - there must be less than 24 hours in the queue to add a new skill, but their is no limit to how much the last skill can go over 24 hours (i.e. if you have 23 hours worth of skills, you can add an 8 day skill last so that you wind up with an 8 day 23 hour queue).

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