Alpha Training queue

Forgive me if this is a repeat but…

With Alphas you have to log in every day to train. Or your training queue slows down. And it is already a slow training queue, so the last thing you need is to have it slow down further.

Logging in every day often isn’t practical for real gamers.

Now factor in how long it takes to train up to Battleship ( the December release ). Exactly.


I think you need to adjust the limit from 1 day to 1 month. Just so that alphas can plan ahead a bit more. Plotting & scheming is a key part of EVE after all.

2p deposited :slight_smile:

What idiot told you that crock of ■■■■?

You can put in skills that are longer than one day. You just can’t put in any skills that start training after one day. Put your shorter skills first, then you don’t need to come back every single day.

When they extended the queue for omegas players stopped logging in. One of the point of alphas is to get more bodies into the game. This defeats that.

Omegas managed alright, so people playing for free can manage.

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@Brok_Haslack Alphas are “limited” to 1 day queue; by this it means that you can add skills to queue until you you exceed the 24hour limit. The training speed however does not change. It used to be like this for Subscribers some years ago, thankfully it got changed.

I think it would be fair to increase it a bit, but 1 month may be too much. In my opinion 7 days is more than enough. It doesn’t take that many skills to quickly fill out even 7 days of queue. Doubt the community or CCP has any interest in making EVEonline be, ‘Skill Queue’ online, it already carry that “Title” and it refers to those who more or less only train skills and nothing else. In the end of it all it’s up to CCP to decide if it’s something that they want to consider.

@Chocolate_Pickle Please watch your tone and leave out the profanity, please :slight_smile:

7 days is a lot more practical to the real world and when you have time to game, compared to just 1 day. I can see that being useful to real players.

We all want more people on grid, so making it comfy ( in the real world ) to be on grid is part of the point I’m trying to make.


As for the point about less people logging in we now have new Newbro material to actually draw you into game. I don’t see the problem of the past as being hugely relevant now. There are so many missions now that you can have a lot of fun as a Newbro. I only started a year ago, and back then it was Corp or nadah. I got lucky on my first Corp; but others did not, & instead drifted away. Luck is not reliable.

Yes I could solo-play in EVE back then ( missions ), but EVE is fleets for those you enjoy it like a hobby. I wanted into my first fleet from day 1 really.

Oh boy, another “We don’t have enough even though we just got good stuff” Alpha thread.

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Here’s a thought… if you don’t like the intentionally limited queue, how about you stop whining like a scrub and subscribe to the game?


do you feel you’re not getting your $0/month worth from the game?

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