I have to give this “W” to CCP. The Eve Portal is a fantastic tool for old and new players.

Right now, you can: ⇤ᴀʀᴛɪᴄʟᴇ

  • Add new skills to your queue.
  • Remove skills from your queue.
  • Re-order your skill queue.
  • Buy and inject new skills from the market.
  • Apply unallocated skill points to injected skills.
  • Pause and start your skill queue.

Android / Apple

This is HUGE!!! If you guys remember when Eve started, you couldn’t put more than 24 hours in your queue at a time (except the last skill could go over that). To say the least, it was a lot more limited. Thanks, CCP! :two_hearts:


Ummm… Can you edit your skill queue if you are an Alpha? Otherwise, I don’t really need the app, since my Omegas are pretty much perma-set for a few months of training. :man_shrugging:


No. “Alpha players will still be able to browse skills and skill queues, but this will be in a read only mode.”

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They should definitely add chat functionality at last. That would be real Portal to EVE.

That’s not what EVE started with. That’s what we got years later. What we started with was no queue whatsoever and you better be online to squeeze that next skill in the moment your current finishes training, or watch all those juicy SP go to waste.

Useless. My skill queue is about a year long. And if i need SP on the fly it only happens when I am actully playing the damn game.

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