Question about Subscription payment

If I cancel my Eve Online 6 month subscription after buying the 6 month subscription from the website itself and not steam, will I get refunded all the money other than the $12 its already taken out for that month? or is it a 1 time payment of $100 Aus (currency conversion) and i cant get the money back?

If you were to cancel right now, your subscription would run for the full six months, without renewal. There are no refunds.

So does that mean after this month is up, I wouldn’t be omega anymore but technically my subscription still exists and will exist for the rest of the plan, but i just won’t be omega and wont get the money back?
If thats the case I miles well just leave it on so that I keep training while I’m gone

You prepaid for a 6 month block for which you’ll be omega the entire time. You won’t get any money back.

It’s a one time payment. You pay the whole six months at once and if you cancel the next day, you still have the remaining game time but the renewal will not take place and you get no money back.

I’ve never had an issue, but CCP support does seem fair and will consider refunds, but I wouldn’t count on it or abuse that. If you are not sure if you will like the game, just go on a monthly subscription and pay the couple bucks more for the first month or two so you can cancel anytime.

Just to confirm what others have said; Yes, It is non-refundable as stated in the EULA, but if you were to cancel your subscription after already purchasing a 6 month (or any package) you would still get the time you paid for as Omega then after it expires you’re account would be dropped to Alpha state until you get another subscription.

During the 6 months that you paid for you’d be able to do anything that an Omega can do and fly.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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