Recurring payment cancelled question

Hello there
i have question about the recurring payment

today i bought 1 month subscription time,i only wanted 1 month time only so i immediately cancelled the recurring plan…
however i don’t know if it is really cancelled or not because when i go to “change subscription plan” it still says “Your next billing date: 06 May 2019”

but under GAME TIME menu and “undo cancel subscription” says its cancelled
" Omega Clone State Upgrade Cancelled

You have cancelled your Omega Clone State upgrade.

Your account will revert to Alpha Clone State at the end of the current period. expiring on 06 May 2019 ."

if anyone can clarify i appreciate it.
i really hope it doesn’t bill me next month

You need to submit a ticket to get a reliable answer to this, anything expressed here will only be an opinion, not binding on CCP.

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When you cancel a subscription your account will remain Omega until game-time runs out; hence the

I would still check it on the day of the “next billing” date, if it does charge you for the next month you should contact support immediately and request a refund.

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