Warning-less Auto-Subscription Renewal - Now I can't pay Rent

Over a year ago, you use to be able to turn off “Auto-Subscription Renewal” which would bill your last used credit card / account when your Omega Status ended, you would also get general email warnings 7 days before it ended and then 3 days before it ended; giving you plenty of time to either turn it off or prepare for the bill.

Yesterday, my rent bounced because I had $639.65 in my account and Rent is $640 (For some reason, they Direct Debit our rent), which was fine- told them to try again after putting another $1 in.

Today, EVE took out $20 AUD. No warnings. I had exactly the right amount to pay rent until Monday, now I do not.

Give us an option to permanently toggle on/off “Auto-Subscription Renewal” and Warning Emails (7 or 3 days prior to your Omega Status ending).

Relying on people forgetting about their subscription to take their money is a pretty scummy move, and Should be borderline illegal in most countries.


When you renew your sub. Immediately go into account management and turn off auto subscription, it will then not auto renew. You do not have to wait until near the end of yur sub, you can do it straight after renewing

After logging into your account go into game time > cancel subscription and go through the prompts. I am doing that very thing as i write this.

I still get emails saying my account will expire in X number of days so they do still send those emails out.


The point the OP is making, is that it is not as obvious an action as it once was.

Also there should default prompt BEFORE charging your card.

Real life tends to bite, ever checked your account, only to find you’r not as flush as you thought?


I’m now doing this of course, but I shouldn’t have to Every Single Time I manually add Omega-Time. If I cancel automatic-renewal, it should be permanent until I turn it on again…

I haven’t been this tight on money in a loooong time, and I’m not sure why I’m not getting warning emails anymore- I’m still getting emails from CCP (like the one about the free skillpoints this weekend) but not about how much time I have left of Omega Status.


It has been the same way for several years (4-6?) at least. I echo what @Giddy_McFee said. If you don’t want to get auto-billed, cancel subscription immediately after subbing. There’s even when they ask why, you can check from reasons account/payment “cancelling auto-billing”.

No subsciption based MMO has ever worked differently to my knowledge, neither has EVE.

I can also confirm I got “your account is about to expire” email just last week, might want to check they’re not for some reason auto-sorted to spam or some other folder by your ESP.

While I can understand and sympathize with OP’s pain, being on the receiving end of it myself years ago, this is not CCP’s fault, unless they find that reminder e-mails haven’t been sent from their systems.

Edit: And yeah I’m not against the idea that auto-billing shouldn’t always default to being on, but I didn’t think it was fair from the OP immediately assume the worst and shout " should be illegal!" from the get-go.


To be fair, Its not fair on my wallet either.
And nothings in junk mail’

CCP, auto billing should not be default. If you want it, you should tick it and if you cancel sub it should be automatically unticked in the system.


Well, it’s unfortunate and like I said, I can sympathize. At least you’ll be better prepared in the future.

Again, I’m not saying the system can’t be improved like this, in fact I’m all for it, but auto-billing working like it does seems to be an industry standard for whatever reason, and it’s pointless to blame CCP for it.

Its a bad standard then.


Not arguing otherwise. Just saying it’s been like that for 20 years and people should be aware of it by now.


They should, but its unneded that they should. Its not favorable to client to make him burdened as such, as its often here showed. This is not the first and not the last time. Its a thing people dont remember I am afraid, and they will not remember in future.


Again, not arguing otherwise. Most people just seem to be accustomed to the “cancel sub immediately” way of life or are fine with auto-billing, like OP said they’ve not been getting tight on money in a long time, so it’s understandable they might not be accustomed to canceling.

Edit: and I do find it suspect they haven’t apparently gotten the warning email, rare but certainly can happen and I’m not assuming he is lying.


Just because its “been the norm” for so long, doesn’t mean its right, nor that it shouldn’t be changed.
in fact EVE revolves around changing for the better- Constantly at that.

(I’ve also got no reason to lie, its not like I’m looking for a refund or anything’ gonna borrow the $20, but I do find it really weird that I’m not getting Omega Status emails now- but I Am getting EVE promotion emails?)

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Priorities, rent or game subscription? :thinking:


You’re saying that as though It was a conscious decision?
I had no warning, EVE’s automatic subscription renewal took the money out of the same account my Rent gets taken out of.

And of course my priority would have been Rent if I were warned about it like they should have.


This caught me out as well. It’s very scummy.


Learn how to bankaccount FFS.

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OP i disagree with you.

Imo, you lack of planning and maturity.

Even if the EVE infrastructure didnt offer you the option you want, a normal adult would have taken few easy actions to make sure you did not get caught with your pants down:

1st: as soon as you paid you subscription fee, go disable auto-billing setting. Do it as many time as you recurrently pay

2nd: you have a cell phone right!? put your renewal date in your calendar with proper early and repetitive reminder.

3rd: im sure you already recieved mail that end up in your trash folder while it wasnt supposed to end there. So, you should have make sure your junk filter wasnt filtering EVE mail.

It is called leadership, initiative, maturity, adulthood, anticipating… its called life.

Welcome aboard friend.


I think you failed to understand what a subscription is. You accepted an agreement to pay in advance to be able to participate in a service. You can cancel anytime.

If you’re running your budget that tight, cancel your Eve subscription and restart it on a day where your rent and other utilities and bills aren’t pulling the same day.


It can take a bit for an eviction process to actually get you out of the flat - go for the EvE! Those abc ores ain’t gonna mine themselves, ya know.